6 Trunking Platform Features Every VoIP Reseller Must Consider

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As a VOIP reseller, are you trying to find a SIP service that gives your clients more to choose from?

It’s no wonder. With the wealth of features with SIP trunking, which delivers unique telephone functionality on various levels, the benefits are endless.

Join us today as we look at SIP trunking and its amazing features and get ready to breathe new life into your reseller operation.

Call Data Records

Sales, marketing, and business administration are complicated, high-speed processes. There’s a lot that goes on in a day and the more you can keep track of it the better.

Real-time call data helps you to keep track of the all-important conversations that go on over the course of a day. When clients call in with specific information, you have records on-hand which you can refer to later on. This works well with data that includes long strings of seemingly-random letters and numbers, and you can go back later to check the records.

This is a powerful tool for anybody buying into a VOIP phone system’s SIP trunking features. It’s modern and convenient, and the people using it stand to benefit from it.

Call data records are also important to the running of a business in that they help to protect against potential lawsuits. If you can pull up phone records to prove what you did or did not say, you can prove when and where you’re liable for any mishaps between you and your clients.

With all of the potential benefits to just call data records, alone, a VOIP reseller would do well to look out for this feature in any unit they try to resell.


There are dozens of ways to create a solid VOIP trunking system.

The combination of devices, ISPs, and VOIP platforms makes it easier now than ever to create a completely online phone system.

The important thing is to make the system accessible.

Even the most robust phone system is useless if your clients don’t know how to use the phone units and software that makes it up. Look out for systems that combine powerful control panels with clear user interfaces. If users need to check a message or set up caller ID, they need to be able to work easily with your phone system.

With a comprehensive set of control panel tools and controls, you’ve got more than just the potential for a better phone system on your hands. You’ve got a genuine communications solution that brings real value with it.

White Label Design

White label software is designed for use in businesses where outside branding is undesirable. These apps and software are developed for a specific purpose, and the branding on them is left blank.

What this means is that a company can easily put its own logo or branding right into the platform. Use a branded landing page to promote your business. Personalize your interface or electronic communications with these same logos and brand designs.

Integrating your own branding into your VOIP means communications won’t feel like a third-party product. This means you’re not only marketing your business, but keeping callers locked into your brand during waiting time.

Platform Compatibility

VOIP systems often comprise many different pieces. These include phone devices, service platforms, and pieces of specialized software.

For a VOIP reseller, it’s important to get a system that does it all. Look out for models that integrate fully with an array of IP PBX platforms. If you can work in platforms like Asterisk, Elastix, and FreePBX, and gateways like AudioCodes and Sangoma, all the better.

And, because no two business problems are ever the same, aim to resell systems that cover potential gaps in office functionality. What one client might be able to do with a VOIP installation and FreePBX, another might need the Sangoma gateway to handle.

If you, as a reseller, can offer broader platforms to work with, the VOIP trunking services you have on offer will become more significant to you and them.


Redundancy networks help to ensure customers get service they can rely on, every time they call in.

Internet coverage can be spotty or weak in specific areas, depending on your router or Internet service provider. Regardless of why, you might not always be able to rely on your connection.

This is the kind of problem reception redundancy helps you to prepare for. Redundant networks mean that, if one connection fails, another one is on deck to pick up the connection. One line waits for the moment the other drops, then slides into places, almost imperceptibly.

By targeting Tier-1 networks, customers won’t ever have to wonder what’s gone wrong when they call in and can’t reach someone at the other end of the line. The line will simply never go down for them.

Fault-Tolerant DID Routing

Our last entry is a specific one, but important regardless.

Direct inward dialing (DID) is a service associated with PBX systems which allocates a large number of phone numbers to a single line. This is a feature that allows a company to create dozens of unique phone numbers without having to install dozens of individual phone lines.

When looking for a VOIP system, resellers should be aiming for inbound DIDs which can route to primary and secondary IP PBXs. Inbuilt fault tolerance, meanwhile, helps these systems to reroute dropped calls instead of just letting the line go dead.

Making the Right Choice as a VOIP Reseller

Voice Over IP is hardly a new technology, but it’s still got an inherent value to businesses from all industries, even many years in.

There’s a lot on offer, and all of it has the potential to be worked into a fully integrated system. Everything fits if you know what you’re looking for, and the more you can do to offer your clients a better system, the more use they’ll get from your product.

Interested in learning more about the ups and the downs of being a hosted VOIP reseller? Check out some of our other blog pieces on the topic, today, or get in touch with us for support.

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