The Ultimate Guide to Reselling SIP VOIP Services

Thinking of becoming a SIP trunk reseller?

It’s a great opportunity to build a steady revenue stream for your business. At the same time, you’ll provide customers with a cost-saving telephony solution grounded in advanced VoIP technology.

But how does SIP VOIP reselling work? What are the steps needed to start a business in this niche? Let’s find out!

The Technology: What Is SIP VOIP Trunking?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol trunking. It’s the action of using Voice over Internet Protocol technology to control an organization’s private branch exchange (PBX) connection to the Internet.

To put it simply, this means a company’s communication system is routed through the Internet. Voice, data, and video are all integrated and transmitted through a single SIP trunk line.

The Advantages of SIP Trunking

SIP VOIP trunking enables an organization to make long distance or local voice calls.

Companies can also send and receive emails and text messages, and use the Internet without having to pay for additional subscriber accounts.

Benefits of Reselling

If you’ve been a provider of equipment sales, you know it’s difficult to calculate steady monthly earnings. That’s why SIP reselling is so appealing to resellers. It provides a consistent monthly income that generates more sales over time.

SIP trunking resellers earn commissions for clients as long as they continue their subscriptions.

Adding new clients is a breeze, and costs pennies on the dollar. You’ll get a clear forecast of your earnings from month to month–and it doesn’t take much effort.

Resellers care about maintaining client trust. They have done business with their customers in the past, and want to retain that trust and build stronger professional relationships.

In turn, you thrill customers because you save them money. Plus, they get access to a telecommunications technology product that’s simple to use and flexible.

Features to Look for in a Good SIP Trunk Partner Program

When looking for the right SIP VOIP reseller program, you need to choose features that set you up for success.

First, search for a program that offers tools and support to help your customers. To find the best SIP trunking reseller plan, you’ll need to ask some questions.

Does the SIP Trunking Reseller Program Offer Flexible Rate Plans?

As we touched on earlier, all reseller programs are not equal.

You want a program that offers unlimited minutes subscription. Make sure it has a monthly fee that includes free long distance and local calls to the U.S.

Having unlimited channels with flexible rates is another important factor. This plan provides a way for customers to pay for minutes in blocks.

The minutes can be transferred to other channels as the need arises. This way, customers can always increase their monthly packages when their business grows.

Is Your SIP Reseller Program Compatible with PBX?

There is an abundance of PBX systems, so it’s best to sell SIP services that are compatible with PBX systems. This helps your clients save money because they won’t have to invest in additional hardware.

Make sure the PBX platform is low cost. Use the free or low-cost open-source PBX platforms available on the market.

Does Your Partner Provide Expert Customer Support?

Installation and SIP VOIP management should be simple. However, when customers have questions or technical issues, they seek qualified support.

Ask the reseller partner questions about the support they provide. For instance, you can ask when they’re available, what fees they charge, and what aspects they can help with.

Is There a Tier-1 Infrastructure?

System reliability and audio quality are important factors that will keep your customers satisfied.

That’s why you need to offer SIP services run on a Tier-1 network, SAE 16 Type II certified network that offers built-in redundancy and real-time replication.

Offer a solution that backs up equipment and provides outage detection. When choosing a partner, don’t jump at the cheapest price before you research the system’s quality.

You don’t want to frustrate your customer and send them to your competitor.

Answering Your Customer’s Questions

Not all VoIP and SIP services are the same quality. Myths fly around about VoIP and SIP in the industry. It’s possible your customer had an unpleasant experience with another product or provider.

Address your prospective client’s concerns, and assure them of the quality of the technology. Explain that a Tier-1 network offers clarity and reliability. They need to know your solution trumps the inadequate non-business grade platforms.

Another concern customers have with a digitized system is security. Make sure your partner offers fraud-detection to ward off unauthorized users.

Working with a system equipped offering these options will appease your customer’s fears. Plus, it gives you a competitive edge.

Know the Terms and Conditions of Your Partner

When choosing a program, look for one that offers flexibility. Stay away from providers that lock your customers into a long-term contract, or make them pay up-front fees.

Another issue is that some providers require customers to use them as their ISP. Choose a partner that gives your clients the option to choose their own provider.

Does your partner offer Direct Inward Dialing numbers? They work with PBX systems and SIP trunks and will save your customers money. Make sure the telco allocates a range of telephone numbers both nationally and globally.

The Takeaway on SIP VoIP

When you choose the right reseller partner, you can offer your customers an excellent product. It also makes it easier to create a steady monthly income stream for your business.

Want to boost your income as a SIP trunk reseller? It’s a great way to create a recurring revenue stream while helping your clients take advantage of money-saving, flexible technology for their business.

Contact us today to learn how to partner with us and increase your company’s profits.