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Internet Phone Services Reviews: Benefits of SIP Trunking

internet phone service reviewsInternet phone service reviews reveal that 31 percent of businesses reduce their costs and increase productivity using internet phone services.

Many businesses employ internet phone and related solutions. They prefer it because of the success over the years. In fact, research shows that many companies know SIP trunking to be the essential telephony system.

A new user of the internet might be confused by internet phone service reviews. Asking questions like “what is SIP trunking?”. It’s difficult to come across SIP trunking reviews. However, we’ve got you covered.

Curious about the reviews and benefits concerning SIP trunking?

Read on for a more in-depth look.

SIP Trunking Internet Phone Service Reviews

SIP trunk has some obvious advantages over traditional telephone networks. A traditional network provider delivers several turns of physical wires to a company. SIP trunk allows an enterprise to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with PSTN connectivity.

The process is achieved through a SIP Trunk service provider on the Internet. Various channels and lines that allow for concurrent calls business, in SIP Trunks.

In almost every review on SIP trunking, first on the list was “reduction in costs.” SIP trunking helps minimize costs on long distance calls. It is, in fact, cheaper than using a local telephone copper line provider according to another reviewer.

With SIP trunking, companies pay only for the number of lines used by them. You can add or remove extensions easily. As for backups, they come cheaper, and purchase of additional hardware is needless.

Users also admitted to seeking cost-effectiveness but getting beyond savings. Cost-effectiveness isn’t the only good for SIP trunking. Asides it’s flexible arrangement, customers have a better control and greater insight.

Also, most users admitted that when a SIP trunk incorporates with a VOIP PBX, it serves as a good solution. Here, no analog or ISDN gateway is needed.

“PBX communicates with the public internet using SIP trunks. This works better than using a circuit for our calls” another CEO said.

What’s the Worry about Switching to SIP Trunking?

Internet phone service reviews showed that most users that make international calls agreed they have an advantage. International calls are standardized.

The service works for the whole office both for phone calls and data connection.

However, many CEOs still admitted to being unfamiliar with SIP technology. They said it could not be trusted.

The CEOs have used ISDN for their business for a long time. Hence, they see no need to switch to SIP trunking.

Some CEOs do not like the single-system operation. According to them, “all communications can be lost if it crashes.”

To them, security is also at risk. Since only one source provides voice and data connection, cybercriminals can hack it easily.

Use SIP Trunking Over Other Internet Telephony Solutions

Below are 12 benefits of SIP trunking no decision maker should ignore:

Reduction in Costs of Internet Phone Services

Businesses move to SIP trunking to save cost. SIP trunking reduces monthly costs on communication by 25-60 percent.

Returns on Investments

SIP trunking is a quick way to receive dividends on your investment. First, it requires little or no capital expenditure. In less than a year, it begins to carry its costs.

Also, it reduces business costs.

It Uses the Broadband to Advantage

With SIP trunks, the compressions allow for more significant call volumes vs. T1/PRI services. This benefit is because the IP has a current broadband circuit.

Communication Comes with Greater Efficiency

SIP trunking comes with choosing which communication method works best for you. All communication methods are available for use.

From voice calls to video calls to chats and conference calls.

Greater Productivity

SIP trunking makes collaboration easier amongst your workforce. Employees are easily connected irrespective of their location. Business increases productivity.


SIP trunking is highly reliable. This assurance is due to its stability. In the event of power outages, SIP trunking can be rerouted automatically to other mobile phones or offices.

The Advantage of the Same Voice and Data Connection

SIP trunking combines the advantage of both voice and data connections. One package is easier to manage. It enhances communication easily.

As your business grows, it is easy to maintain the package with the increase.

Capability of Multi-Site

A single SIP trunking account benefits Large-sized businesses with many offices. At their different locations, one SIP trunking account provides all services (voice and data).

Every Call Is Received as a Local Call

SIP calls travel over the internet. As they do, long distance charges are eliminated.

International calls go over the internet and come to the termination point of your service provider. Then, they are transferred to a public switched telephone network (PTSN). There, they become local calls.

Sip Trunking Takes Away the Need for Expensive 800 Numbers

Every business has gone international. These days, companies rely on 800 numbers to enhance communication around the world.

Maintaining an 800 number is costly. SIP trunking takes away the idea that every business needs a dedicated 800 number.

Since calls are carried over the internet, there is no need for an 800 number.


SIP trunking an excellent tool for business expansion. This statement channeled on its degree of flexibility. Using SIP trunks allow you to use your local number to route multiple calls to any part of the world.

All calls are made at the same price. For instance, you can receive a call channeled to your US number in the UK.

As a company grows from small scale to medium scale business, it begins to enjoy other features that SIP trunking provides. An example of such elements is API porting.


SIP trunks can scale efficiently better than legacy carrier technologies. SIP trunks allow additional phones without any extra costs. No extra lines are needed either. It is also easier to scale with SIP trunking.

Wrapping it Up

Internet phone service reviews show that benefits of SIP trunking outweigh its flaws. Switching to SIP trunking is very cost-effective. It also yields maximal output.

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