What to Look for in a SIP Trunk Platform for Resellers

Recently, we wrote about the most advantageous business terms that SIP trunk resellers can find in a reselling program. In addition to finding a SIP trunk partner that offers terms designed to help you excel, you must also consider the features and capabilities of the SIP trunk platform itself. Here are a few that should be considered must-haves.

Tier-1, Redundant Network

Everything your clients will experience relies on the quality of the carrier network used by your SIP trunking service provider. Some offer cut-rate service on a lower tier network, delivering audio quality and reliability that will dissatisfy customers and destroy relationships. Insist on a SIP trunk platform that leverages only Tier-1 networks with built-in redundancy.

Intuitive Control Panel

One of the reasons that customers choose SIP is the ease of setup and administration. How painless it is will depend on the online administration tool or control panel offered by the SIP service you choose. The best SIP trunk platforms for resellers have applications that are simple to use and require very little training for your customers.

Broad Platform Compatibility

You’ll be able to get more customers up and running with SIP, and thus grow your monthly, recurring revenue stream, if you select a SIP trunk platform that is compatible with most of the PBX systems your customers already use. This means choosing a solution that is compatible with many of the commercial and open source PBX systems on the market.

Access to Call Data Records

Aside from cost and simplified administration, access to important business data is another reason that businesses love SIP trunking. Information about the volume, duration, and destination of calls can help business leaders make smart decisions around issues like staffing, training, and forecasting.

Fault Tolerant DID Routing

We all like to think that every day will be business as usual, but things like weather emergencies, power outages, hardware failures, and other natural and man-made disasters can change things in an instant. That’s why you’ll want to resell a SIP trunk platform that has the capability to re-route calls to a secondary PBX, another office, or home and mobile phones in the event of a problem with the primary PBX or its location.

White Labeling

White labeling or private labeling is the ability to place your brand in the account interface or any communication that occurs between the SIP trunk platform and your customer. This helps enhance your image and promote your business.

Not every SIP trunk reseller platform offers all of these features along with the favorable business terms we mentioned earlier. If you are looking for one that does, you’ve come to the right place. Find out how easy it is to get started.

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