9 Key Features to Look for Before You Start Reselling SIP

assessment-featuresWe’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. We sign new telco agents and dealers up to resell our SIP trunking service every day. Recently, we’ve had quite a few come to us who have tried to build their business by offering SIP, only to be disappointed by the capabilities and support of their SIP trunking partner. They have discovered that bargain basement providers with low-quality networks and complicated implementation processes create insurmountable barriers to success. We want to help you avoid that, so here are the tell tale signs that you’ve found a vendor that can help you build a strong recurring revenue business and delight your customers at the same time.

Tier 1, Redundant Network

Only Tier 1 communications networks connect directly to the internet. This is the best way to ensure high-quality audio and video calls. Some wholesale SIP providers use Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks which are cheaper but can be plagued with quality problems, such as jitter and lag, not to mention system down time, which is a killer for business. Choose only Tier 1 network providers with built-in redundancy for disaster recovery.

User-Friendly Control Panel

SIP solutions involve some kind of software for administration. As a reseller, you’ll want to evaluate how easy it makes it for you to generate quotes, provision new customers, handle invoicing, and manage your clients. You also want to make sure that it is easy-to-use for your clients who will manage their own moves, adds and changes.

Platform Interoperability

Your customers likely have a wide variety of PBX systems. It makes sense to choose a whitelabled SIP trunking platform that can support as many of them as possible, especially the open source solutions.  Some of the more popular PBX systems include Avaya, Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, and Grandstream.

Widespread DID Coverage

When your customer wants a new DID you want to be sure that you can provision one for them right away in the desired area code. Before you pick a partner, make sure that they have plenty of telephone numbers in each rate center.  If your customers do international business, inquire about the vendor’s international DID footprint.

Agnostic Bandwidth

Some SIP trunking providers require that clients get internet service from them. This makes it hard for clients to get the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. Look for a partner that lets customers use any internet provider that they choose.

Nomadic e911

Nomadic e911 is a service that lets customers set any valid US address as the location associated with their VoIP phone. This is necessary to ensure that the right address is transmitted to the Public Safety Answering Point when a 911 call is made from a digital connection.

Real-Time Call Data Records

One big benefit of SIP trunking for customers is all of the data that it generates. If your SIP trunking solution offers real-time call data records (CDRs), your clients can use that information to optimize staffing, manage employee performance, and improve customer service.

Toll Fraud Protection

Unfortunately, international toll fraud is a serious and growing threat. All digital systems, including SIP trunks are attractive targets. You can minimize the risk for your clients by choosing a partner that constantly monitors the system and shuts down any potentially unauthorized calling.

Dialer Traffic Approved

Some SIP service providers limit automated dialer traffic or charge large surcharges for customers who use auto dialers. If there’s any chance that you have customers in this category, insist on a SIP service provider who welcomes this kind of traffic.

Adding SIP services to your business is a smart move. If you find a partner with each of these critical features, you’ll have found the quickest route to increased revenue and grateful customers.

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