Solve Your Customer’s Fax Headaches for Good

fax-machinesDespite the fact that there are hundreds of ways to share documents online, faxing remains an important communication tool for many businesses. Heavily regulated industries including banking, insurance, law, and healthcare continue to rely on the fax machine for sending documents back and forth.

You may very well have customers who see their need for faxing as a barrier to making the switch to SIP trunking. That no longer needs to be the case.

SimpleFax is a Secure, Reliable Fax over IP Service

SimpleFax by offers an easy to use, secure, and reliable alternative to analog lines for faxing. Customers simply install an HTTPS fax device, which resolves many of the problems often associated with IP faxing including unreliable ATAs and T.38 to G.711 fallback.

100% Success

The solution uses advanced store-and-forward technology to send faxes over a secure IP connection with a 100% success rate. This is possible because the device, which sits behind the fax machine, captures the fax and the sends it over HTTPS to our PSTN-based fax network for transmission.

Customers Keep Their Fax Machine

Your customers can continue to use the fax machine they know and love, but they can ditch their analog fax line. If they like, they can port the existing DID to our service, or they can get a new DID.

Advanced Features

SimpleFAX includes one FAX DID number that supports both incoming and outgoing faxes to the United States and Canada. Users can send a copy of inbound faxes to an email address and they can also view both inbound and outbound faxes in the portal. Billing is month-to-month with no contract required. The device comes pre-configured and is simple to install.

Now you have the perfect solution to help even those customers who rely on faxing make the transition to a completely digital communications infrastructure. Sign up to begin earning a commission on this and our other SIP services today.