How to Evaluate Wholesale SIP Trunking Providers

wholesale sip providersThese days it is extremely popular for IT firms, telco dealers, consultants and others to offer SIP trunking to customers. It is an easy and low-risk way to increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships. It makes a ton of sense and customers increasingly want the ease and convenience of internet-based communications services.

Because of the popularity of the approach, there are lots of wholesale SIP trunking providers in the market. It is important to recognize that they are not all the same. It is worth taking the time to evaluate them carefully before you pick the right partner for you.

Here are a few things to look for:

Flexible Pricing

In order to ensure that you can meet the needs of every customer, look for a wholesale SIP trunking provider that has multiple pricing options. You want to be able to offer the simplicity of unlimited SIP trunking. This method includes inbound and outbound calling to the lower 48 states for a flat monthly fee per trunk. But some customers prefer per minute pricing. Find a partner that will let you sell services either way.


Obviously, you only want to sell highly reliable, top quality services to your customers. To ensure that the SIP wholesale service you choose offers both, consider only those that operate over a Tier-1 redundant network. Anything less could leave you with unhappy customers.

Free Trial

To verify that the provider offers high-quality voice services, look for one that will let you test their service. Seeing (or in this case, hearing) is believing after all. During your free trial, you can explore bandwidth needs, check for common VoIP problems like jitter and lag, and determine whether the administrative tools are user-friendly.

White Labeling

Offering SIP trunking services is a great way to bolster your brand. By selecting one that will incorporate your identity and appear to your customers as if it is coming directly from you, your brand stays top of mind.

Expert Service and Support

When you choose a wholesale SIP trunking provider, you should be getting more than just technology. You should also be getting a partner that can answer all of your questions, help you through any technical challenges, and provide assets that help you grow your business. One way to determine if a provider that you consider will be there for you, is to check out what other customers have had to say about their experience.

Selecting which wholesale SIP trunking provider you will work with is an important decision, but it needn’t be a risky one. By looking for ones with these characteristics, you’ll limit your choices to the best of the bunch and save yourself a lot of headaches in the process.


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