Weekly Recap – SIP Deployments

In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you, plus a couple industry articles, in one convenient location.

If there was a theme to the week, it would be “SIP Trunk Podcasts.”

The Rebirth of Faxing with FoIP

Did FoIP resurrect faxing?

Many people thought that faxing would go the way of the telegraph, slowly becoming obsolete to the business world but when you send faxes over IP (FoIP) you gain a host of benefits including:

  • Less expensive
  • Enhanced security
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ability to send lengthy documents
  • Allows handwritten signatures
  • Provides more convenience

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SIP Grandstream Conference Phone Wins Product of the Year Award

Grandstream has been manufacturing award-winning SIP unified communication (UC) products since 2002.

They can add another award to their list with the announcement of the TMC 2016 Internet Telphony Product of the Year Award for the Grandstream GAC2500 Business Conference Phone.

The Grandstream GAC2500 SIP conference phone has a lot of features that give users choice, flexibility and mobility.

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Is an Open Source Career Sustainable?

Sandra Gittlen at ComputerWorld writes that, Open source is permeating IT. There are open-source analytics tools, databases, programming languages, storage systems and more.”

If you have a resume that is full of open source experience you may get passed over for jobs today. But in the near future that may not be the case as more organizations shift towards open architectures.

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Improve SIP Trunk Deployments By Knowing Where the Problems Are

Matt Brunk at No Jitter explains that, “Understanding where SIP trunks might miss the mark will help improve deployments.”

If businesses are coming to the conclusion that SIP trunks aren’t meeting their expectations, then a proper understanding of SIP shortfalls can help to improve their experience.

In his article Brunk outlines some common problems such as 911 service, failover, rebooting, and disturbance of power and explains why these issues happen.

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Stay tuned for more SIP trunking news – see you next week!