The Surprising Reasons Businesses Switch to SIP Trunking

SIP adoption, according to an IHS survey, presently stands at 45%, and is predicted to increase to over 60% by 2017. More and more businesses are saying goodbye to the old T1’s, ushering in a whole new host of benefits and significant cost savings.

The survey was directed at decision-makers at close to 200 businesses that have over 100 people on staff.

Interestingly, the survey shows that the reduced costs associated with SIP trunking is not a prime motivator for deciding to deploy a SIP trunking solution. Topping the list of reasons for its adoption: Flexibility, improved reliability and easier management.

IHS’s research director, Diane Myers, says, “the key drivers for businesses moving to SIP trunking include flexibility and easier management.” There is no shortage of SIP trunking providers, and the ones that are most flexible and user-friendly will undoubtedly be more likely to thrive going forward.

What does this all mean to you? Well, it puts into perspective what your customers are most valuing when considering the SIP solution you have to offer. It will often not come down to price, as to whether you get a yes, but rather how well you can convey all the ways what you offer is flexible and easy to manage. If you do that well, the sky’s the limit!


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