If there's one workplace decision you shouldn't have to stress about, it's SIP trunking for your business.

If there’s one workplace decision you shouldn’t have to stress about, it’s SIP trunking.

Over 80% of consumers (Adweek) and over 90% of B2B buyers (Accenture) do online research before making a purchase decision.

Nearly everyone studies the products and services they’re looking to buy, before they buy them.

Some of the unfortunate shoppers get stuck in that over-analyzing hell known as analysis paralysis

If you’re trying to find the best toaster for your kitchen at home and after all of your careful research you still wind up with a dud, then at the very least you’re only making bad toast for you and your family.

The stakes are a little higher when you’re at work making a decision that affects the entire office.

The workplace decision making process can be overwhelming when you’re faced with a glut of information from emails, phone calls, meetings, websites, datasheets, and product videos that are meant to “help” you make your choice.

If there’s one decision that you don’t have to stress about, it’s SIP trunking for your business.

We’ll show you why in these six reasons why SIP trunks alleviate analysis paralysis:

  2. Save money
  3. Flexibility
  4. Compatible with existing systems
  5. Converged data and voice line
  6. Disaster recovery and failover

Free SIP Trunk Trial

The first place to start if you’re not sure your ready to switch to a new communication system is to find a provider like SIPTRUNK.com that offers a free SIP trunk trial.

Maybe you’re wondering how the technology works or if it’s compatible with your existing PBX. With a free trial you’ll soon find out.

Other benefits to a free trial are:

  • Test drive enhanced features to see how useful they are to your team
  • Get a feel for ease of use and setup
  • Test how dependable and responsive the support is from your service provider

It is very important however to know if a SIP trunk is compatible with your system whether you’re using a legacy PBX, open source platform, software-based PBX, or an IP PBX.

Save Money

If you decide to switch to a SIP trunk from a traditional phone system and you’re still unsure about it, take solace that you’re saving money every month.

SIP trunking offers you the ability to pay for a system that exactly fits your needs – so you’re only paying for the number of phone lines that you actually use.

Savings vary from customer to customer and by industry but most SIP trunk users can save up to 50% off of their phone bill.


As mentioned above in the popular ‘save money’ category of SIP trunk features, you only pay for the number of phone lines that you actually use.

SIP trunking is flexible. It’s easy to change service options as your business grows, evolves, or changes from big to small.

You don’t need much advance notice to add or subtract lines or other SIP trunking services.

Compatible with Existing Phone Systems

If the only thing that you’re unhappy with about your existing phone system is the cost of your monthly phone bill, you’ll be happy to know SIP trunks are compatible with most IP-PBXs

If you don’t have an IP-PBX already, SIP trunks are flexible enough to be configured to work with traditional systems as well.

With SIP trunks you can continue taking advantage of the investment you’ve made in deskphones, cabling, and network infrastructure.

Converged Data and Voice Lines

You’re not committing to major infrastructure costs (T1 line, for example) when you switch to SIP trunks.

As long as you have enough bandwidth to use SIP, you’re good to go.

SIP integrates voice and data all one network. Aside from the convenience and efficiency of having one network for everything, you can switch to (or test) SIP just by using your existing broadband internet connection.

Disaster Recovery and Failover

Worried about the reliability of sending your voice calls over the internet or, simply managing your own SIP trunk?

When there’s an outage SIP trunk calls are routed to a predetermined location.

So no need to worry about the phone lines going down, SIP trunks provide several failover options.


Change can be hard but switching to SIP trunks is easy. With SIP trunks you can use your existing phones, pay for only what you need, merge your IP data network, and rest easy knowing that you have backup phone lines.

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