How to Sell Fax over IP With Your SIP Services

To this day, faxing is hugely important to businesses around the world. Years ago, faxes were sent the same way voice was, via analog lines. Now, with voice traveling along digitally, one might expect that faxes would simply have followed suit; but it turns out to be trickier to solve than that.

Fax over IP using T38 has long been a thorn in the side of businesses adopting VoIP, requiring that they maintain their analog lines alongside the digital. For instances where this is not viable, there is now our very own SimpleFax™ solution. Besides being more secure and reliable, utilizing HTTPS, SimpleFax™ comes with a bevy of advanced features that are not available with traditional faxing. There is a fax-to-desktop client, fax-to-email, web portal, and ability to send unlimited simultaneous faxes.

The next time you are speaking with a current or soon-to-be customer, you’ll be ready and able to address their faxing needs to get them a full SIP solution for their business’ needs.


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