Softphone + SIP trunk = The simple way to SIP


sip phone

We talk a lot here about all types of SIP trunk and VoIP services and features. There is so much versatility built into these, and so many features to get into that it can be easy to overlook the obvious.

When I first started up my growing consultancy a few years ago, I needed a phone number just for making and receiving calls. “Why didn’t you just use your cell phone, Garrett?”

– I’ll tell you why!

-Because not only did I want a separate number from my personal line, I knew I needed a LOT of minutes. Cell phone bills are high enough without adding thousands more minutes to the plan. Plus, I had no need for all the bells and whistles that come with a cell phone.

The solution I came up with was SIP at its simplest.

Grab a unlimited SIP plan and download a softphone app (there are many, but I used zoiper) and you are up and running with your new line of service in no time.

You won’t be able to make use of certain features, like voicemail, for instance, but you will have the core functionality of the DID; placing and receiving calls. If that is literally all you need, then there’s worse you could do.

Keep in mind, you can as easily connect the service through a softphone on a computer, if you don’t mind the limitation on mobility.

Of course, nowadays I have office and cell phones provisioned to make getting things done easy and efficient.

But for those first few months, my softphone and a SIP trunk was a very serviceable solution.


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