What to Look For in a SIP Trunking Provider Reseller Program

SIP trunking reseller programs come in all shapes and sizes. Google “SIP trunking reseller,” and the options are endless. Reselling SIP trunks has become a lucrative option for more and more telecom businesses, but how do you choose a reseller program with so many choices? What makes a good SIP trunking reseller program? Here are a few key features that any reseller program worth its salt will have:

Platform Interoperability

A good reseller program will offer platform interoperability. Trust me, it will make your life easier if the SIP trunking services you provide will work with a variety of IP PBX platforms. Platform interoperability will allow you to tailor your services to your customer’s unique communication needs.

Real-Time Data

Your ability to provide exceptional customer service for your customers will depend on how much data you have available. If you’re unable to access real-time data such as call records, you won’t be able to give your customers the information they need to drive their sales, marketing and customer service.


The protection your SIP trunking reseller program provides will directly affect your ability to protect your customer’s data. Before you choose a provider, research the protection against toll fraud and other kinds of hacking they provide with their services.

Internet Provider

Many SIP trunking reseller programs limit you to the internet provider they choose. A more effective option for your business is to choose your own internet provider and allow your customers to do the same. In many regions of the United States, especially away from major urban centers, internet providers are limited to a few options. Choosing your internet provider will allow you to choose a strong provider for your region instead of whatever your SIP trunk provider dictates.


Any good SIP trunking provider will have redundancy capabilities to give you the ability to seamlessly route calls in case of failure. If your SIP trunking provider has no built-in redundancy, you’re doing your customers a disservice.

Tech Support

To offer great tech support to your customers, you may need tech support yourself. Research a provider’s tech support by interviewing other customers, asking the provider for their tech support details, and comparing the tech support of various providers.

Free Trial

This feature shouldn’t make or break your decision, especially if you’ve found a SIP trunk provider that offers exceptional customer service, all the key features of a SIP trunk reseller program, and cost-effective services. However, if you have to choose between a provider that offers all of the above and a provider that offers all of the above in addition to a free trial, the free trial will make your choice easy. Take advantage of the free trial, and then if that provider’s program doesn’t work for you, switch to the other provider.


Along with the free trial, free education shouldn’t make or break your decision, especially with a powerful tool like the Google machine. Google can only go so far, though, so a provider that offers a solid SIP trunking education that helps you increase your knowledge and adds value to your services is a good choice.


Your choice of SIP trunk provider will either make your business a success or drive it into the ground. After all, your customers don’t care if the network failure that causes them to miss important calls and, in turn, decreases their revenue is your provider’s fault. In their eyes, any failure in service is your fault, and they won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor if your provider doesn’t come through for you.


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