3 Ways Telecom Agents Can Sell SIP Trunking Services

Selling SIP trunking to customers who aren’t interested in giving up their traditional telecommunications systems is no easy task. Too many of them are stuck in the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality, but with a few simple techniques, winning over even the most stubborn of customers is possible.

Solve a problem

Customers have all sorts of problems. It’s up to you to discover what problems they have that can be mitigated or solved by SIP trunking. Do they have higher call volume seasons, and seasons with fewer calls? Sell SIP trunking to them by educating them on the scalability of SIP trunking; they can add or remove trunks as needed so they aren’t overpaying.

Maybe they suffer frequent outages because of weather or other problems with their traditional system. Remind them of SIP trunking’s redundancy provisions, and, in the case of a weather or internet outage, calls can be routed in the way of their choosing.

Overcome objections

Even an easy customer will raise the occasional objection as to why SIP trunking won’t work for them. The cost of switching over, for instance, may seem prohibitive, or the hassle of replacing old equipment and learning an entirely new system may seem too big an obstacle.

Overcome cost objections by doing the math for them. While the initial cost may seem high, in the long run they will save a great deal, because they only pay for the SIP trunks needed.

As for learning a new system and replacing old equipment, sell SIP trunking to them by helping them see the benefits of having all their communications on one system. Instead of learning multiple systems for multiple data types and training employees on those systems, they only have to worry about one system. Switching out equipment will mean less of their workspace will be dedicated to bulky devices since SIP trunking is wireless and often doesn’t require much equipment on-site.

Add value

Some customers immediately see the benefits of SIP trunking and have few objections, but they may need a little something extra to motivate them. Give them the extra push they need by adding value to your service that differentiates you from your competitors. That extra value could be a useful customers-only video channel on Youtube that provides helpful information on everything from learning how to use their SIP system to how to get the most out of their SIP trunks. Or, your added value could be providing 24/7 tech support at no extra charge. The value you add is up to you, but it can make a world of difference in your ability to sell SIP trunks to customers.


Boosting your SIP trunk sales doesn’t have to be difficult. Find your own blend of these sales techniques to help customers understand why SIP trunking is right for them.

How do you sell SIP trunking? Any tips we should add?

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