Beware of the Cheapest SIP Trunk!

Cheap SIPS

Abundant Choices

SIP trunking providers are a dime a dozen in today’s VOIP saturated world. The options are endless. Before making a choice based simply on price, help your customers learn to research their options to make as educated a decision as possible. Here are the reasons to beware of the cheapest SIP trunk!

Importance of Price

Let’s face it: price is important and should be a deciding factor, but it should not be the only deciding factor. When faced with choosing a provider with exactly the same quality of service and support but a different price, that price can make the decision easy. However, when one provider has a low sticker price but offers less support and a lower quality of service than a higher-priced competitor, quality of service should win out.

Quality of Service

Quality service should be paramount in the decision-making process. A provider that does not provide good service should not be in the running for long. In the long run, a customer will end up losing money on dropped calls, network outages, or other SIP trunking nightmares simply because they chose the cheapest option.

Service Level Agreement

When evaluating a provider, a customer should carefully consider the service level agreement and compare with other providers. A provider that offers a thorough plan in case of outages and guarantees high run times, high levels of packet delivery, and good network latency should win out over cheaper providers that don’t have similar service level agreements.


Tech support for SIP trunking is key. Without it, a client could be left stranded during peak phone times, losing money right and left when their customers are unable to contact them or their salespeople are unable to communicate with leads. Good tech support will involve the customer being able to contact the provider night or day as well as providing hands-on service when necessary.


In the telecom industry, your customers will get what they pay for. Choosing the cheapest option will leave their wallets emptier in the long run. Help them make a decision based on future needs instead of just the immediacy of price.

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