SIPTRUNK and SmartSights Give Voice to Industrial Alarms

Imagine you run an industrial operation. You’re responsible for a complex ecosystem of equipment, sensors, automation systems, etc. to produce your outputs efficiently. But things can go wrong, and it can happen at any time, which is why it’s critical to enable effective response to alarm notifications. And that’s exactly what SIPTRUNK partner SmartSights provides with its WIN-911 Notifications and WIN-911 Mobile solutions. 

SmartSights partners with the world’s leading automation companies, leveraging partner ecosystems to deliver a complete solution for their customers—which include a veritable who’s who of global brands—enabling them to confidently manage their critical infrastructures. We’re proud that SIPTRUNK powers the voice component of WIN-911 and helps their customers reduce downtime and maintain regulatory compliance. And we’re excited to spotlight the opportunity this offers other SIPTRUNK partners.

The opportunity for SIPTRUNK partners with industrial customers

If you have customers in the industrial space—particularly water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, life sciences, manufacturing, and infrastructure—there could be additional revenue opportunity with WIN-911 powered by SmartSights. 

With WIN-911, which offers five different notification methods to ensure the real-time information is delivered to the right person at the right time, your customers can allow for 24×7 monitoring of critical equipment without the need for on-site staff. Specifically, it enables organizations to:

  • Decrease maintenance and staff costs
  • Improve response time and accuracy to reduce downtime
  • Rationalize alarms to reduce alarm fatigue
  • Increase visibility into operations and asset performance trends
  • Avoid fines resulting from regulatory non-compliance

And with hands-free voice response for alarm acknowledgement, available with the latest version of WIN-911, you can keep your operations and your operators safe at all times.  

Next steps

If you have a customer or prospect who can benefit from WIN-911, or just want more information, reach out to Mitch Kahl at or Michael Pace at

And join Mitch and Michael for a webinar on July 24 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT to learn more about SIPTRUNK and WIN-911. Register here.  

Do you have a SIPTRUNK-powered solution that you think other SIPTRUNK partners could benefit from? Contact us and let’s talk.