SIPTRUNK Announces Strategic Partnership with ABP Technology

SIPTRUNK, a BCM One company and leading services platform designed for companies who want to build a SIP trunking practice, announced today a strategic partnership with Dallas-based ABP Technology, a leading value-add specialty distributor of IP technology solutions for technology partners. 

The partnership, which enables the companies to cross-market to each other’s dealer networks, will expand sales channels for each company and provide their respective dealers with new opportunities to serve their customers who seek to modernize their business communications.

“ABP Technology has been a successful SIPTRUNK reseller for years with an impressive dealer base that we believe will be interested in reselling SIP services through our streamlined and flexible platform,” stated Ben Macalindong, Director of SIP Sales at SIPTRUNK. “ABP will champion SIPTRUNK to its resellers. Likewise, we are proud to promote ABP services to our dealers who can benefit from ABP’s world-class IP technology solutions and support.”

“ABP’s main focus in 2024 is to position SIP trunking as a new revenue generator for our dealers, and SIPTRUNK offers the easiest reseller platform in the industry, one we are confident in promoting because of our own experience,” stated Rod McCree, Director of IP Communications at ABP Technology. “We are a Gold 3CX license distributor and have invested heavily in security, surveillance and Wi-Fi infrastructure. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide SIPTRUNK resellers with innovative solutions like these to help them grow their businesses.”

By connecting ABP Technology’s dealers with SIPTRUNK and SIPTRUNK’s resellers with ABP, the partnership offers businesses unique solutions to scale their service offerings and expand their customer bases to stay competitive and profitable.  

Interested dealers can sign up at