What to Look for in Wholesale VoIP Solutions

As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges can be adding more revenue streams to your business. One of the easiest ways is to begin reselling VoIP through a wholesale VoIP solutions provider. VoIP is the future of business communications, with the industry expected to grow to over $102 billion by 2026. 

Reselling VoIP is simple since there’s high demand for VoIP.

However, you first need a wholesale VoIP solutions provider to get started. Choosing the right VoIP solutions provider isn’t something you want to take lightly.

With the right provider, you get high performance, good commissions, among other rewards. So how do business owners choose wholesale VoIP solutions?

What Should Business Owners Look for When Searching for Wholesale VoIP Solutions?

A Simple, Easy to Use Platform

This is one of the essential qualities that you should look out for. You don’t need to be an expert to resell VoIP. A simple platform with an easy-to-use control panel makes it easier for you to quote, provision, bill, and manage the service.

In addition, a provider who has gone through the process of creating an easy-to-use platform means that your wholesale VoIP solution provider cares about you. They want you to get up and running quickly so you can start earning more revenue faster.

Friendly Terms

Business owners need wholesale VoIP solutions with friendly terms, such as no up-front costs or contracts. Such terms ensure that you can change providers without a hustle if the VoIP solutions provider doesn’t satisfy your VoIP needs.

A good VoIP provider also ensures that you get the maximum support possible. This means that they take care of taxes, billing, and support for you and your customers. This enables you to focus on the rest of your business without any worry.

Recurring Revenue and Generous Commissions

You can earn more money each time you get an additional client to sign up for VoIP. Most VoIP providers give business owners that option. However, a great VoIP solutions provider ensures that in addition to earning a commission when you sign more clients, you can make money when your clients stay on the VoIP service.

The best thing about this recurring revenue is that it’s automatic.

Reliable Tier-1 Network

Wholesale VoIP solution providers with Tier-1 networks offer high performance since they can reach every other network on the internet. Your customers want a network that provides excellent voice quality and ultra-high availability.

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Benefits of Reselling vs. Trying to Become a VoIP Expert


When becoming a VoIP expert, you’ll spend plenty of money buying hardware,  employing customer service and technical professionals.

However, as a reseller, you can set your VoIP price. You get VoIP at a low price when you buy from wholesale VoIP providers. When reselling, you make a profit in addition to earning a commission.

When reselling, you also save money since you don’t buy or maintain VoIP hardware.


Becoming a VoIP expert will take time off of your busy schedule. You’ll have to install and manage hardware, create marketing strategies to try and stay ahead of your competitors, which means working long hours to try and get your VoIP business off the ground.

However, you can quickly start your VoIP reseller journey since you only sign up and don’t wait for any physical products to arrive. Once you set up your website, you can start marketing immediately.

Moreover, since a good wholesale VoIP solutions provider will take care of you, most of the processes, e.g., billing and tax, are automated, saving you time and enabling you to focus on growing your reseller business.

No Stock and Inventory

If you sell VoIP on your own, you may have to buy inventory in the form of VoIP hardware. However, as a reseller, you don’t need to have stock. Stock translates to high revenue and high inventory cost. You only buy VoIP in wholesale and resell to your customers. Reselling reduces financial risk and is ideally suited for a budget-conscious business.

Quick and Easy Expansion

A VoIP business can be tricky, requiring you to manage its growth carefully. One wrong move can take you back to the beginning. You need to have a solid business plan detailing your growth.

However, a VoIP reselling business is relatively low risk and can help quickly grow to sell a wide range of related products. For instance, you might develop into selling various communication technologies, such as SIP and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions

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Start Reselling VoIP Today

In this article, you’ve learned what to look for in wholesale VoIP solutions. Among the most critical factors in your VoIP reselling business is having a good solutions provider. A good VoIP wholesale provider will be one factor that enables you to offer more services to your existing customers and attract new ones.

Other critical factors that you should look for include getting a provider with good friendly terms that enable you to focus on growing your business. The provider should also have an easy-to-use VoIP platform and give you a generous commission.

At SIPTRUNK, we understand that clients want to communicate without hustle. That’s why we use a redundant tier-1 network that ensures that customer VoIP calls are crystal clear. We offer our resellers amazing compensation packages, and we take care of resellers, ensuring that they don’t worry about billing, taxes, and their recurring revenue. Get started today with SIPTRUNK.