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How to Add Sip Trunk Services to Your Telecommunication Business

Did you know that the Global SIP Trunking Services Market is expected to reach 28.8 billion US dollars by 2025? This figure is a huge increase compared to the 7.4 billion US dollars the market was valued at in 2017. There’s never been a better time to become a SIP reseller. Keep reading to discover how your telecommunication business can find the right SIP reseller for your needs and get the best tips for selling more SIP services.

SIP Trunks

One of the main reasons why SIP trunks are so popular among businesses is because SIP trunking can save them a lot of money. Other top reasons why businesses choose to have SIP trunks are because of improved reliability, centralized applications, and flexibility. (Learn more about why businesses are shifting to SIP trunk providers.)

There are many benefits of becoming a SIP reseller. For example, it provides a reliable recurring monthly revenue stream. Monthly revenue can be difficult to predict if you sell hardware. However, if you sell SIP trunks you’ll be able to anticipate the amount of revenue you’ll receive each month. 

Another benefit of becoming a SIP reseller is that you’ll have happy customers. Happy customers can help your company thrive. As a business, you’ll get a deeper relationship with your customers. While your customers will receive a reliable service and spread the word to their friends and family.

Is there money to be made as a SIP reseller? Yes, there is. According to IHS Markit though, SIP trunking accounts for less than 50% of installed business trunks. This leaves a whole lot of potential clients and customers for your telecommunication business to sell to.

How to Sell SIP Trunks

Reselling SIP trunks is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is pick the right SIP trunk reseller program.

To find a SIP reseller program that is right for you, you need to look for programs that offer features support and tools for you to help your customers. You might also want to find a program that is easy to implement and that the seller can help you set up.

Look for providers that offer:

  • Tier 1 network ran SIP services
  • Excellent customer support
  • And flexible rate plans.

One of the first things you need to look for in a good reselling program is a Tier-1 infrastructure. To be a successful SIP reseller you need to ensure that you provide an excellent service. This means that you need to offer a reliable system with good audio quality. Look for programs that run on a Tier-1 network and one that is also a SAE 16 Type II certified network. 

Remember, you also need to find a reselling program that offers real-time replication and one that has outage detection equipment to ensure your customers get the best service possible. 

The SIP reselling program that you choose needs to have excellent customer support too. The initial set up of SIP is relatively easy, however, your customers might have questions during the process or they might need technical help later on. So, choosing a program with reliable customer service is crucial because otherwise your customers will leave your service and get the help they need from your competitors.

Before you choose the reseller you want to go with, make sure you ask them the important questions. For example, you might want to ask then what type of support they offer, what their support hours are, and if the support they provide comes with additional fees.

The third thing you need to make sure your SIP reseller program offers is flexible rate plans. The best plans give customers the choice of an unlimited calling plan or metered calling plans depending on their business needs.

As an additional thing to look for in your SIP reseller, you should check to see if it is compatible with open source PBX systems. Finding a program that is compatible with open source PBX solutions means that your customers can save money. 

Read the Small Print

Before you choose your SIP reseller program, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Ensure that you find a reseller program that allows flexibility for your customers. You also need to be sure that your customers don’t have to use your SIP partner as their ISP. Customers are more likely to do business with you if they are free to choose their own provider.

Once you’ve chosen the right reseller program for you, you can start marketing. Spread the word about the services you’re providing and ensure potential customers know about the benefits of SIP trunks. Most resellers use social media channels to market their services.

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