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The SIP industry is expected to reach $12.7 billion by 2023. Businesses everywhere are ditching the old landlines and discovering the flexibility that SIP trunking offers.

You can take advantage of the increasing popularity of SIP trunking by becoming a SIP trunk reseller. This is the perfect time to offer SIP trunking services.

Do you want a career providing SIP trunking services? Find out tips and tricks to becoming a SIP trunk reseller in this business guide.

Why SIP Trunking?

Businesses everywhere continue to realize the benefits of adding SIP trunking to their offices. It is not only easier to manage but provides flexibility for their workers to make phone calls in and out of the office. It also is more cost-effective than traditional phone connections.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking uses VoIP technology to allow a business to connect to the internet to support its telephone systems including employee’s mobile devices.

Big Growth Potential

The SIP trunking reseller model is worth considering if you’ve got the right experience under your belt. It offers consistent income by creating a business model through recurring monthly fees.

It’s easy to add clients to the service so you can slowly increase your income over time. You’ll also have a good idea of what your income each month will be based on the number of subscribers.

As a bonus, you can offer extra features or services such as international long-distance, fax to email, and direct inward dial (DID) numbers for an additional fee. These provide your customers with added benefits and also boost your revenue.

Choose the Best SIP Trunk Reseller Program

When you’re looking to partner with a SIP program, there are some things you should consider before jumping in. It’s important to find a partner that you can trust and will provide you with the support you need to start earning.

Don’t settle for a SIP trunking reselling program that only offers one kind of service. Each customer and business has its own unique requirements and you can’t expect one catch-all set up to apply to everyone.

Find a Switch

The first step to becoming a SIP reseller is to get your own SIP switch or platform. prices and features such as multi-tenanting can vary depending on the platform you choose. So be sure to investigate the details before signing up.

Who’s Your Carrier?

Next, you will need to choose a reliable carrier also known as class four service providers. There are a lot of factors you should consider when choosing which carrier you’ll go with.

Remember to keep your customer in mind when making your choice. Be sure to ask the carrier how they report as well as what they will provide you with. This can make or break the success of your business.

Flexible Plans

A quality SIP partner program will offer flexibility that you can pass on to your customers. They should also be willing to offer unlimited minutes for one monthly fee per channel. Your clients should be able to pay for additional channels as needed or subtract ones they no longer use.

Alternatively, an unlimited channel plan should also be an option through your partner. This is when a company pays a monthly fee for unlimited channels along with a block of minutes that can be used for as many channels as they need.

Plenty of Options

If necessary, the client should be allowed to pay for more minutes at any time. A third option that good SIP partner programs should have is wholesale trunks. This is when your client can receive unlimited channels and pay per minute.

As a SIP trunking reseller, you’ll be able to provide a consultation with your clients to determine what will be the most cost-effective option for their business.

Reliable Support

Since you’ll be working directly with your SIP partner throughout the reselling process, you want to be sure they offer reliable support. If you’re going to be providing customers with the impressive service they expect, your partner should be quick to respond and easy to work with.

Things like paperless statements, hassle-free billing, and simple administration will make onboarding new clients a breeze. You don’t want your SIP partner to make you look bad when trying to sign on a new client.

This should also include taking care of taxes and billing for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about those details when signing a client or sending invoices.

Dazzle Them With Quality Service

In order to support a business’s specific needs, a SIP trunk reseller is going to need to work one-on-one with the company. It takes a dedicated individual to make this possible.

There is also a lot of competition out there for reselling. The quality of your customer service will help you stand out and earn recommendations from satisfied customers.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Just like any business, you’ll need to create a logo and brand. Let is represent your unique voice and style so your customers feel like they personally know you.

Some SIP partners will allow you to brand the online control panel as well as the system notifications, emails, and invoices that are sent to your clientele. They may even provide you with your own branded landing page to help you increase your sales and marketing success.

Make Installation Easy

Your clients may or may not have the equipment necessary to get setup up with your SIP service.

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is used in order to connect all of the users within a company to the internet. Make sure you choose a SIP partner that offers services that are compatible with a wide variety of PBX systems. Your clients will thank you when they don’t have to purchase new hardware in order to benefit from SIP.

Find a provider that supports popular free or low-cost open-source PBX platforms such as Asterisk, FreePBX, or Elastix.

In some cases, you may need to equip your customer with the right hardware and then help them set up their system from scratch. Be prepared for both scenarios.

Show Your Amazing Value

You not only need to be able to provide a service but also have experience with everything VoIP. SIP trunk reselling is a complex service and you have to prove that you understand the ins and outs to meet every business’ requests.

Don’t be fooled by partners who offer less expensive service. You will most likely get what you pay for. Your partner’s SIP services should run on a Tier-1, SAE 16 Type II certified network with real-time replication and built-in redundancy. This will ensure a quality connection for your clients.

Your clients rely on the connectivity of their SIP to continue to function. So it’s recommended that the SIP service also has automated outage detection and instant failover to backup equipment.

Don’t forget, reseller partners should also have safety measures in place. The businesses you work with will want to know that their company is safe in your hands.

Want to Become a SIP Trunk Reseller?

Ready to get started on your own SIP trunk reseller business? You stand to gain a lot of revenue from this rising industry. There’s never been a better time to join.

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