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6 Things All Voice Over IP Resellers Should Know About the Business

As year after year, VoIP providers manage to generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue, any company not using these services is scrambling to get them.

Voice over IP resellers find that there’s still a lot of markets to work with when they start getting involved with the industry. While it’s challenging to find new clients and sell them on the services they might not understand, once you find your market, it’s easy to hit a hot streak.

Here are six things you have to know about the industry to survive.

1. You’re There To Save Customers Money

One of the most significant benefits VoIP reselling is that you end up saving customers a lot of money. It’s easy to be popular with your customers when they know that you’re helping them save serious money month after month.

With labor and equipment costs eating up most of the budgets for most companies, you can offer a little bit of relief when you save on communication costs. This is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to work with VoIP providers.

While the other benefits of SIP trunking are valuable, there’s nothing as tangibly valuable as saving money. When you’re leading a pitch to any customer, know that the bottom line is one of the most important issues for them. When you can lead off with money that they’ll be saving, you can ensure that you’re able to catch their ear from the moment you start speaking.

2. No Need to Replace PBX

When customers often have a complicated setup that they’re wary about disrupting, you need to ease their fears. Many customers will want to migrate to VoIP but have an analog PBX that’s also working just fine. Thankfully, you can migrate without having to upset their current analog setup.

If they want everything the way it is but to save a little bit of money, you don’t have to give up on them as a customer. You can use a VoIP gateway to help ease the process along.

If you can pair SIP trunking with services to add a VoIP gateway, then you can allow for SIP calls. The PBX is going to interface via the gateway to allow their system to function the way they want it to with no major snags.

3. Knock PBX Solutions Out Of The Running

While you might think that it’s hard to compete with PBX solutions as a VoIP provider, it turns out that you can clear out the competition. SIP trunking services have a lot of versatility when they’re bundled with IP PBX. Sell them through a lease so that you can offer your customers everything that they need.

You’ll give them the same kind of features and functions that they expect from their hosted PBX services. You could even give them everything for less than they pay for their PBX service.

If you have small customers that can’t afford to rewire their whole system or install completely new services, you don’t have to scare them off. You can aggressively seek out small and medium business clients if you’re able to convince them of the merits of a VoIP gateway that replaces PBX.

4. Offer New Services

One of the things you need to know about being a VoIP reseller is that you have to always be launching new offerings. If you’re reselling these and SIP trunking services, you can give your customers new services they’ve never encountered before.

If they don’t have a direct inward dial service setup, you could be the thing they’ve been looking for. Small enterprises that want to seem more legit seek out SIDs to help offer lots of individual numbers. You can even offer outbound international calling to help ensure that these businesses can grow to overseas markets more easily.

SIP trunking can be resold in a variety of configurations that allow you to fit whatever your customers need. Make sure you listen carefully when your customers tell you what they want.

5. Make Life Simpler

If there’s one thing you want to do for your customers, it’s to make their lives easier. Coordinating all of the different elements they need to set up for each deployment is a pain in the neck for the people who choose your services. They’re looking for someone to make things easier and more efficient.

With a SIP trunking solution, your customers won’t need you to physically install a new line or provision one from somewhere. SIP trunking allows virtual provisioning so that everything they need is provided through a channel that’s available immediately.

POTS lines are a cause of many a headache for customers like yours. They cost a lot of extra time and money and end up needing a lot more service than VoIP or SIP solutions. You can simply installations and minimize the ongoing maintenance that they’re surely worried about.

6. Reselling Allows You Monthly Revenue

One of the reasons to get involved in the business at all is that you can build a monthly revenue that’s steady and dependable. Recurring services allow you to keep providing what your customers need while also keeping your own business afloat.

When you’re operating a dependable business with dependable revenue, you have the access to capital to hire staff to get out there and work with clients. By having passive revenue by taking over the existing PBX market, you can continue to grow while providing great service to your existing client base.

Voice Over IP Resellers Can Make Big Bucks

If you’re wondering how well Voice Over IP Resellers can do, the sky is the limit. If you can find a hungry enough base of customers who knows what they want, you can sell them all on the services that only you can provide.

To know what it takes to be the best provider in the industry, check out our guide for tips.