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5 Reasons Your Business Needs An 800 Service Number

Does every business benefit from an 800 service? The short answer is yes.

The sheer convenience of having a number you won’t need to change when you relocate or when your business expands is only one of many benefits.

A custom number that’s easy for people to remember and associate with your business will make it easier for people to call, and so they’ll be more likely to do so. And it boosts brand recognition at the same time.

What about the ability to use extensions and run simultaneous marketing campaigns and track the call volume for each one? Custom numbers offer that too.

Here are the 5 main reasons your business ought to have a toll-free number, in more detail.

1. Improve Customer Relations

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of trying to call a business, only to realize you can’t really reach them this way. The frustration from this will give you bad associations with the company.

A toll-free number lets you greatly improve customer service and thus customer satisfaction, by simply being more available to answer their calls. It’s easy for customers to reach you and find help or answers to their questions.

It’s easy to see how this ability to call you at any time with no extra cost will improve customer satisfaction. The easier they find it to reach you, and the more able you are to respond, and the more trust and loyalty you will build.

Telephony is far from dead. Although many new businesses have opted to start without a company phone number, the greater outreach and completion you’ll have with a phone to supplement your online contact channels is hard to ignore.

Mobile internet has tied phone calls and internet use closer together than ever. In fact, the biggest source of phone calls to businesses come from internet search engine results.

This means people Google the business or service they seek and then call the number right when it pops up on screen. Many people still prefer speaking directly over the phone, especially the older generations.

With an 800 service, you’ll reach a bigger market than you would with just a website, and you give your customers many more opportunities to contact you.

2. Toll-Free Numbers are Easier to Remember

The key factors of a great business number are visibility and memorability. And of course, not having to deal with area codes certainly helps with this.

A clever, carefully chosen number can boost your brand recognition almost instantly. This will be particularly effective if you choose a clever vanity number, which means a button combination that spells out a word or short phrase.

Make it something relevant yet easy to remember. If you sell or service bathroom items, for example, people will find it much easier to remember 1-800-SHOWERS than 1-800-746-9377. Or any arbitrary sequence of numbers, for that matter.

This means it’s more likely that people will call you, giving you more opportunities to make sales or get subscribers.

A good vanity number is as important as a cleverly chosen website URL. It should reflect the company, brand, or service while being nice and catchy. You can become much more visible this way and give people a much better impression of your service.

And remember, easy contact boosts customer satisfaction.

3. Image and Credibility

While it’s often associated with big corporations, an 800 service is advantageous for startups and companies of every size. Toll-free numbers look professional and help establish a sense of credibility.

Even if you’re working out of your mother’s basement, a toll-free number will give your company a nice, professional image. People still expect a real business to have at least one phone number.

The mobile internet revolution has made business calls more relevant again, and an 800 service will help you stay afloat in the evolution of technology.

Reliable access to quick, direct interaction with your business will make you more believable and trustworthy in the eyes of the public.

4. It’s More Reliable

Location doesn’t matter when you use an 800 service. You can relocate your business very far, and people won’t notice or have to remember a new number. They’ll still reach you through the same number, free of charge.

When you get a toll-free number, it’s yours. Regardless of location or phone provider, you can keep your number and forward calls to any phone you like.

If you’re thinking that your business hasn’t grown enough yet to merit an 800 number, you should reconsider.

800 service isn’t only a good way to boost that growth, but it’s an insurance that you’ll be able to handle expansion with more ease.

Wouldn’t you like to have a wide, national reach with your phone line just like you have through the internet? A wider target market opens many opportunities to increase visibility and drive more business with targeted marketing campaigns.

Not only does this let you use targeted marketing campaigns on a national scale, but it can let you target specific areas that aren’t necessarily in your direct surroundings.

It’s easy for prospective customers all across the country to contact your company for information and even buy your products.

5. It’s a Great Marketing Tool

Since we’re on the topic of marketing, let’s look at how toll-free numbers can be used as a marketing tool.

We’ve already covered the basic benefits of a catchy vanity number. But there’s more to it than that. You can use extensions tied to specific advertising campaigns or to different parts of your company.

For example, you can have one for technical support and one for sales.

The best part is that you can see which ones get the most calls, and this tracking lets you know where people saw your advertising and which campaigns are the most efficient.

Not only will this increase your call volume, you may also see a great uplift in sales and ROI.

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