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Selling SIP Trunking: 5 Major Benefits for Clients

selling SIP trunkingBefore a business buys a service, they want to know that it either lowers costs or increases productivity.

If what you’re selling does both, you will be able to grab the attention of any decision maker you contact.

Selling SIP trunking accomplishes both of these things. Session Initiation Protocol is expected to show a compounded annual rate of growth of over 18% by 2021. That means that once people learn about the benefits of the service, they don’t hesitate to buy it.

If you want to make sales, here are five benefits that your clients must know about today.

1. Businesses Can Change Service as Their Needs Evolve

The goal of a business is to grow as fast as possible without compromising quality. Depending on the rate of growth, a company’s needs can change at a rapid pace.

This fast pace means that a client will often have to buy services they don’t need now.

When selling SIP trunking, you can use this to your advantage.

Instead of investing for the future, a company can set up what is needed now. Then, they can add onto the service as the business grows.

One SIP access point can handle the same load as 109 circuits. The ISDN would still need an analog to digital converters and other equipment.

An ISDN network can only be expanded by multiples of 23, whereas SIP allows the user to add what is needed. This freedom comes with a lower price tag — and greater peace of mind.

2. SIP Trunking Helps Businesses Prepare for the Worst

One of the worst things that can happen to a business reliant upon sales is phone lines going down. There is no way of knowing if this will last for minutes or days.

When selling SIP trunking, your client won’t have to worry about being cut off from their customers. A SIP line allows phone calls to be diverted to other locations or cell phone numbers immediately.

Even if the phones are down, customers will never know. Plus, the business won’t miss a call from an important client. This benefit is something that most phone companies can’t offer a small to medium-sized business.

A business that relies on seasonal sales will be especially relieved. Traditional companies offering the option to forward calls often neglect to let their clients know that it can take up to 24 hours to set up.

If the majority of a company’s sales come in a three-month window, 24 hours without contact can be a catastrophe. SIP trunking takes that risk away.

3. Selling SIP Trunking to Companies with Multiple Offices

There are many advantages to setting up SIP. This is especially true if a business has more than one office.

The first is simplicity. Regional offices away from a corporate headquarters have to use different vendors in most cases. Each vendor has different billing cycles. This often leads to confusion — and the risk of overlooking a bill.

With SIP, there will only be one bill for all locations. The features provided will be accessible to each employee. This means that communication between various offices and departments is more effective.

Maintenance costs will be lower, as well. Instead of having to manage equipment at each location, businesses only need to worry about the IP connection and handsets.

4. SIP Offers Better Features

Holding meetings for employees can get expensive. Not only is your client paying them for time away from the office, but providing lunch and settling at a time is also a hassle.

When selling SIP trunking, you can push the ease of meetings. SIP handles both voice and video meetings. It also offers screen sharing and the ability to go from video to voice in the same session.

Employees won’t have to drive to a central office, and therefore don’t have to worry about leaving important documents behind. If a member of the team can’t make the conference call, the meeting can even be recorded to make sure that information gets passed on.

Sip trunk services take less time to process calls, meaning that customers won’t have to listen to endless rings.

These features make work easier, leading to more productive employees. Investing in new technology can save on payroll, as studies show that new tech brings a greater ROI than new hires.

5. Financial Advantages of SIP Trucking

Any decision maker investing in a service wants to know what the ROI will be and how long it will take. When selling SIP trunking, this is to your advantage.

There are minimal initial investments and lower maintenance fees for the service. Many companies report seeing an ROI for SIP within six months, at most within a few years.

SIP channels are also less expensive than traditional phone lines, and you will need fewer of them.

When selling to an office with 50 phone lines, the client might only be using half of them. A good tactic for selling SIP trunking is emphasizing that having the extra 25 lines without using them is a waste of resources.

Long distance charges are another great selling point. If a company has multiple offices, all employees can communicate without racking up high fees.

Within the US, state to state calls can cost up to ten cents per minute. If a company has offices or workers in another state, this will amount to a huge savings.

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