Which Services Can SIP Resellers Offer to Clients?

SIP trunking is quickly becoming the de facto platform for business communications. This is why reselling SIP services is such an attractive option for telco dealers and IT consulting firms. It is a terrific way to create a monthly, recurring revenue stream. You can leverage the strong client relationships that you’ve already built to get your share of the $10 billion market for SIP.

It all starts with SIP service, of corse but those who decide to resell SIP services have the opportunity to bundle it with other value added services and options. This helps increase the profitability of each client and increases the value that your customers will get from the solution. SIPTRUNK.com offers all of the services we are going to mention, but not all SIP reseller programs are the same, so be sure to do a little digging into any you consider to find out if they give you the flexibility to create a robust package that fits the needs of each client.

SIP Service

SIP trunks are sold in a number of ways. The best programs give you the flexibility to offer whatever subscription model makes the most sense for each customer. Here are the most common options:

Unlimited SIP Trunks – Under this model, the client pays one monthly fee for each channel. (Think of a channel as a traditional telephone line, it represents one incoming or outgoing concurrent phone call.) Included with the monthly fee for each channel is unlimited local and long distance calling to most of the US and Canada.

Scalable SIP Trunking Service – Scalable SIP trunking includes an unlimited number of channels on the client’s trunk.  They select a bundle of numbers and minutes. This gives the customer the flexibility to increase their bundle if they need more minutes.

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

A DID number lets users have a specific, 10-digit phone number that rings to a designated extension. The Standard DID option includes inbound and outbound CNAM (Caller ID Name) settings. The Enhanced DID also includes e911 and Directory Assistance Listing. There are also toll-free and international DIDs available.

Inbound Toll-Free

Although most people don’t pay minute for long distance calls these days, toll-free numbers are still very popular with businesses as a way to build brand image or use memorable phone numbers. SIP trunk resellers can offer inbound toll-free services for calls that come from the continental US and Canada. It is typically sold in bundles of minutes per month.

Outbound International Calling

SIP trunks can be used to make and receive telephone calls to anywhere on the planet. Outbound international calling is sold by the minute, with per minute rates varying by location.  There can be a big price difference from one service provider to another, so if international calling is an important issue for your clients, be sure to do some comparison shopping before you chose your SIP reseller program.

Fax Over IP and Fax to Email

It is hard to believe in 2017, but faxing is still a critical form of communication for many businesses. It is still widely used in industries like healthcare, insurance and legal.  SIP trunk resellers can simplify fax management for clients by providing fax to email or fax over IP services.

Reselling SIP is a smart move. Choosing a SIP reseller program and platform that lets you create just the right set of services and features for each client is smarter still. With value added services, your revenue stream will grow more quickly and your clients will enjoy all of the capabilities and flexibility they need.

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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