The Complete Menu of Telecom Reseller Product Offerings

list of telecomunications services to resellIf you are considering becoming a telecom reseller or if you are an established dealer looking to grow your business, you have many options. The rise of cloud computing and unified communications have created the ideal environment to build a strong recurring revenue stream and deep customer relationships. Every business is different and your customers will all have their own unique needs. That’s why it makes sense to offer a variety of solutions so that you can create a customized package for every client. We’ve pulled together a list of all of the services you may decide to add to your portfolio.

VoIP (Voice Over IP)

Many customers these days are eliminating on-premises phone systems in favor of VoIP systems. These cloud-based options free the customer from managing and maintaining their phone system hardware. The vendor takes care of all software updates and provides back-up and recovery solutions. VoIP solutions typically come with a range of features including auto attendants, voicemail, on-hold messages, and more. The use of VoIP requires IP-enabled telephones, or a special adapter to digitize the analog signal.

There are many VoIP solutions on the market available to resellers. One example is SkySwitch, which offers a comprehensive white-label Hosted PBX platform to meet needs of resellers, interconnects, ISPs, MSPs, agents and traditional telecom providers.

Key customer benefits:

  • No hardware to manage
  • Advanced unified communications features
  • Unlimited scalability

Audio Conferencing

In today’s world of remote work and distributed teams, conference calling is as important to businesses as ever. Audio conferencing can be offered as an unlimited monthly subscription or by the minute. There are several types of audio conferencing available:

Reservationless: Reservationless audio calling is ideal for clients who need to be able to set up calls on the fly 24 x 7. Hosts get personalized credentials – a dedicated phone number, leader PIN and specific conference codes — for initiating and managing conference calls on-demand.

Operator Assisted Conferencing: Some conference calls are complex and/or important enough to require the services of a professional operator and a platform for managing participants and hosts. There are a number of providers with partnership programs, including PGi, which focuses on IR calls, HR announcements, town halls and other large-scale meetings.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Work together from anywhere
  • Project a professional and credible image
  • Choose the subscription method that makes sense for your business

Web and Video Collaboration

Web and video collaboration technologies take audio conferencing one step further, allowing participants to share screens and see each other in real time. The best solutions are as easy to use as the consumer applications like Facetime and Skype that people already know and love. Video and web conferencing can be used for sales presentations, team meetings, technical support, and more. For resellers, there are many options available, such as

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Make your remote meetings as productive as in-person ones
  • Save time and money by traveling less
  • Provide effective remote technical support

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is the ideal way for businesses to connect their phone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network via the internet. SIP trunks are reliable, flexible, and significantly less expensive than traditional telephone lines. Telecom agents and dealers can find a partner that offers generous commissions, multiple pricing plans, help with billing and taxes, as well as the opportunity to white label the solution.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce communications costs
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Simplify network management

Open Source PBX

Companies looking to keep communications costs low often turn to one of the many open source PBX solutions on the market. While the open source software is free and runs on a regular computer, most businesses don’t have the telecommunications or networking skills required to deploy and customize them. That’s where there is a huge opportunity for resellers to offer these solutions along with their telco know-how.  Many of the open source solutions available for resellers were built on the Asterisk platform by Digium. FreePBX is one such solution with an easy-to-use graphical interface. The Sangoma Partner Program offers access to the entire Sangoma product portfolio, including FreePBX.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Get enterprise-grade features for a fraction of the price
  • Customize the system to meet your specific needs

Toll Free

These days, business is less dependent on location than ever. Web-based collaboration tools and super-fast shipping make it easy to work with and buy from companies that aren’t physically close. That’s one of the reasons that  toll free numbers continue to be so popular. They give customers confidence in the business and make even mom-and-pop operations appear larger. Resellers can offer new 800, 866, 877, 888, and 855 or port existing numbers to a new service.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Make it easy for customers to reach you
  • Project a credible and professional image
  • Keep your existing numbers or add new ones

Fax Service

Despite the fact that there are many ways to share documents online, faxing remains an important communication tool for many businesses. Heavily regulated industries including law, insurance, banking, and healthcare continue to rely on faxing for document transfer. Today, resellers can offer a digital alternative to traditional analog faxing.  Customers continue to use their own fax machine along with a HTTPS fax device that converts the analog signal into a digital one that can be sent using IP technologies, such as SIP.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Eliminate the quality issues associated with analog faxing
  • Port existing fax numbers to the digital solution
  • Get email notifications

Mobile Services

While your customers still need a business phone system for their office, they likely spend a lot of their time on the go. Why not cease the opportunity to earn commissions by reselling the mobile services that your clients need? Many of the major carriers offer reseller opportunities, including T-mobile.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Centralize business mobile devices on one reliable platform
  • Reduce mobile voice and data fees

Contact Center

While you may think of contact centers in only the context of huge enterprises with large sales or technical support operations, businesses of all sizes can benefit from contact center software technology. Customer service is enhanced by making sure that every caller gets to the right person quickly and easily. Managers can make better staffing decisions by reviewing call patterns and volume. Resellers have the opportunity to grow their business by offering this functionality to customers who might not realize yet how it can benefit them. inContact is one vendor that offers a contact center solution reseller program.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Evaluate staffing needs based on call data
  • Get insight for training and quality assurance

Call Recording

Call recording is a useful feature for businesses that want to improve customer service and training, as well of those with specific compliance requirements and dispute resolution needs. Legacy call recording systems are expensive and difficult to maintain, but today’s cloud-based solutions are easy to deploy and make a good addition to your client’s communications infrastructure. OrecX is an open source call recording solution that offers several different partnership programs.

Key Customer  Benefits:

  • Improve employee training and coaching
  • Ensure compliance
  • Ease dispute resolution

With all of these options on the table, it is a great time to be a telecommunications reseller, agent, or dealer. You have many ways to grow revenue, provide valuable services to clients, and strengthen customer relationships. By expanding your offering, you can be sure that you have exactly the right mix of products and services for each client and be confident that you aren’t leaving any potential revenue on the table.