10.29 Billion Reasons to Sell Sip Trunks

sell sip trunksThe last decade has been full of changes in the telecommunications industry. The shift in business environments from traditional PBX systems connected through PRI lines, to cloud-based SIP trunking is not a trend. It is the new normal. SIP trunking is extremely attractive because businesses can provision only the exact number of lines they need. (Unlike the legacy approach that requires lines be purchased in groups of 23.) In addition, SIP requires very little in the way of upfront expense and future maintenance, meaning that costs are quickly recouped and ROI is easily achieved.

The market for SIP trunking continues to grow rapidly. SIP and VoIP are close to overtaking legacy communications approaches. In fact, according to Frost & Sullivan, the market for SIP trunks will reach $10.29 billion by 2020. (That’s billion – with a B.)

Frost & Sullivan analyst Michael Brandenburg, emphasized, “The VoIP access and SIP Trunking market continues its rise as the de-facto communications link from business customers’ premises to service providers’ networks. SIP Trunking services will also play heavily in the emerging trend of hybrid cloud communications.”

How much of that $10.29 billion will be headed your way? It’s hard to say, but the decision to sell sip trunks is the first step of getting your share.

Benefits to Customers

If you decide to become a SIP trunk reseller, you can offer your clients a solution with many benefits for them, while creating a nice recurring revenue stream for yourself. For your customers, the prime advantage of SIP is the cost savings it brings. Because the initial investment is so small in terms of equipment and installation expense, your customers will immediately feel the impact of lower communications costs.

SIP also offers benefits beyond cost, including:

  • Complete flexibility with the ability to scale up or down at any time
  • Support for unified communications
  • The ability to carry both voice and data
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Predictable monthly communications expenses

Benefits to You

The decision to sell SIP trunks means you can create a new income stream and expand the services that you currently offer. IT support companies or telco dealers are in an excellent position to easily add SIP services and offer customers a one-stop shop for their communications needs.

The great news is that there are very few barriers to adding SIP trunking to your suite of solutions. There is no additional hardware to buy for you or the customer. You’ll simply help clients configure their existing PBX. It is rare to find such an opportunity to build a recurring revenue stream without the need to invest in equipment or additional staff.

More than 10 billion dollars is on the table. There’s very little holding you back from claiming your share.

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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