Top 7 Reasons for Telco Dealers to Resell SIP Trunks

The telecommunications industry has witnessed a profound shift in the last few years. Internet and mobile based technologies have disrupted an industry that was largely unchanged for six decades. For telecommunications dealers, the rise of cloud-based phone systems and technologies, like SIP trunking that enabled voice communications over the internet represents a major new challenge. In order to stay competitive in this new landscape, many dealers have chosen to resell SIP trunks as a way to hold onto existing customer relationships and attract new businesses. Here are the top 7 reasons that more and more telco providers are deciding to resell SIP trunks.

1 – Delight Your Customers by Saving them Money

SIP trunking can help your customers significantly cut their communications costs. There is no better way to inspire customer loyalty than by offering them something that can have a major impact on their bottom line. You can become a trusted advisor by helping your clients get, and pay for, only exactly the services that they need.

2 – Help Clients Transition to VoIP without Buying a new PBX

Your customers may have a legacy PBX that is working perfectly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of the cost savings that SIP trunking provides. It may be as simple as adding a small, inexpensive device known as an ATA (analog telephony adaptor). Your clients will thank you for getting them up and running on SIP without a large capital investment.

3 – Stay Competitive

Many hosted VoIP providers are aggressively perusing the small business market with compelling features and very low costs. Reselling SIP trunking, bundled with an IP PBX or one of the many free, open source PBX software solutions, gives you a way to compete with these hosted providers and ensure that you don’t lose the customers you have worked so hard to support.

4 – Offer Add-on Services

In addition to reselling SIP trunks, you can offer complimentary add-on services, such as DIDs, e911, toll free numbers, and outbound international calling. You can configure a package to meet the unique needs of each client.

5 – Provision Channels Instantly

Because SIP trunking eliminates the need to physically install or provision a telephone line, you can get your clients up and running immediately. An easy-to-use control panel lets you virtually provision exactly the number of SIP channels you need almost on-demand. This saves you all of the hassle, delay and expense of dealing with POTS lines.

6 – Make Each Deployment More Profitable

Your customer is paying someone for their voice traffic, it might as well be you. When you resell SIP trunks, you earn that profit every month, not some traditional carrier or hosted VoIP provider.

7 – Enjoy Monthly Recurring Revenue

Once your customers sign up for the SIP trunking services that you resell, you will have a consistent, predictable and reliable stream of recurring revenue. You can build this business over time to give yourself a degree of financial security that can’t be achieved with one off sales.

When telco dealers decide to resell SIP trunks they take a huge leap forward in future proofing their business and ensuring that they will be able to meet the evolving needs of customers. This may be the perfect time for you to join them.

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