Podcast: Everything You Wanted to Know about SIP Trunking

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Join Kevin Gulley of The UC Buyer in his podcast with Steven Johnson, InGate North American President, as he discusses how to implement SIP trunking or, “everything you always wanted to know about SIP trunking but were too afraid to ask.”

The UC Buyer podcast series talks with industry thought leaders about communications technology trends.

Gulley points out a couple of key findings about how businesses are using SIP trunks as a primer to the podcast:

  • 20%: Only 20% of U.S. businesses were using SIP Trunking in 2014
  • 75%: 75% of businesses claim they plan on implementing SIP by 2016

Johnson explains that VoIP hardware manufacturers have been working with SIP since the late 1990s so, they tend to take it for granted how familiar they are with SIP while forgetting that the everyday end user honestly does not know what SIP is.

In the podcast Johnson explains:

  • The full definition of the SIP protocol
  • How SIP is used for more than just voice calls (video, screen sharing, file sharing)
  • The savings you get from SIP because you only need one set of wires to carry internet and voice traffic
  • The disaster recovery benefits of SIP vs. traditional telephony
  • How SIP centralized call processing reduces infrastructure, hardware, and maintenance
  • Your long distance calls are already using SIP – even if you’re using an old PSTN connection
  • Large carriers (ATT, Verizon) are doing away with copper by 2020 – one way or another you’ll have to migrate to SIP
  • Installation considerations and what you need to prepare for SIP
  • The future of SIP is WebRTC – a complementary service that will change and improve communications in the next 5-10 years

Listen to the Podcast: Implementing SIP Trunking in the Enterprise