With the rise of the internet, many thought faxing would go the way of the telegraph, slowly becoming obsolete to the business world. It hasn’t died the slow death predicted for it, however.

In fact, it has been making a comeback, largely due to the medium that supposedly gave it the deathblow: the internet.

With the internet came FoIP, fax over Internet Protocol, a protocol that allowed faxes to be sent via the internet.

If your customers are hesitant to make the switch from traditional faxing to FoIP, here’s a little more on just how FoIP resurrected faxing.

FoIP Cuts Faxing Expenses

While FoIP can be used in conjunction with a fax machine, the machine isn’t necessary, which reduces equipment and energy costs.

Additionally, FoIP eliminates the need for faxing paper and toner for the machine, further reducing expenses.

FoIP is More Secure.

Faxing always maintained its place in the business world because of its security. FoIP keeps and even increases that security.

While traditional faxing meant that coworkers or even clients had access to confidential material lying on or around the fax machine, FoIP can be configured to send documents directly to the user’s email.

FoIP also provides for security over the network to make sure documents remain private.

FoIP is Eco-Friendly

Without a fax machine, your customers can reduce their carbon footprint and work toward a greener workplace.

Instead of using reams of paper and toner for a fax machine, FoIP allows all fax documents to be saved digitally.

FoIP Can Send Large Documents

One of the main reasons for keeping traditional faxing alive was because most email providers set a size limit for attached documents.

FoIP makes it possible to send large documents without the fax machine.

FoIP Allows for Handwritten Signatures

Another reason for keeping traditional faxing on life support was because many industries require a handwritten signature.

Digital signatures were popular for a while, but they never took hold in fields like law. FoIP allows for hand-signed documents to be sent securely.

FoIP Offers Convenience

FoIP is more convenient than traditional faxing.

Instead of printing every single document or leaving the office or desk to visit the fax machine, documents can be sent and received via a desktop and can be stored on the cloud.


Fax machines were thought to be on their way out, if not long gone already.

FoIP, however, makes it possible for businesses to still take advantage of all the benefits of faxing without any of the drawbacks.

Helping your customers invest in FoIP will help their business and save them money.

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