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If there was a theme to the week, it would be “Quality of Service.”

Reasons why SIP Trunks are future-proof

6 Reasons Why Your SIP Trunking Service is Already Future-Proof

You may already have a SIP trunk for your business or you may just be considering one.

Like any investment you’re probably thinking ahead and wondering how you can future-proof it to maximize your return…Read More.

SIP Trunk Market Forecast North America, Europe, Canada, US

Canada and EU Lag Behind U.S. in SIP Trunking Adoption

Businesses in the United States are leading the way in adopting SIP trunking for their communication needs, reports Infonetics, a technology market research firm.

Outside of the U.S., infrastructure and regulations are the hurdles standing in the way of greater use of SIP trunks…Read More.

Predict SIP Trunking QoS by Doing an Internet Speed Test (In Under 10 Minutes)

You can predict the Quality of Service (QoS) you’ll get from your SIP trunk by doing an internet bandwidth test in under 10 minutes.

When you’re migrating a telephone system from traditional platforms such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or PRI/T1 to a SIP trunk, or just trying to determine if a particular SIP trunk is the right fit, having the right amount of bandwidth is a key factor…Read More.

demo blog 2

Guide to Converting Demo Trunk into Paid Discounted Service

You signed up for a free SIP trunk trial and got your two demo DIDs to test our system.

What’s the next step?

Did you know that you can upgrade your demo SIP trunk and get a 15% monthly discount on your services?…Read More.

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