How to Keep Track of SIP Trunking Customers When Buying Directly has a new direct order functionality for dealers.

In order to begin using the direct order functionality, you’ll first need to convert your demo trunk into a paid trunk (at a discount).

Once you’ve done that, you can create orders that are automatically discounted directly from your dealer account (either for your own use, or to resell to your end customers). bills the dealer for all of these services, and completely stays out of the way of billing your end customer.

But what happens when you start to get more than one or two customers, and need to keep track of whose orders are whose?

Take a breath! In your dealer portal, there is name field in the “Trunks” tab called “Identifier” on the portal where you can give a name to the trunk.

You won’t ever need the “Create New Customer” option here, (since you’re the customer all the time).

Instead of “Trunk 1”, “Trunk 2”, etc (the default), you can change the identifier to your customer’s name instead. You’ll then see all the trunks you’ve ever created listed in the order they were created on “Trunks” tab, and the identifier you’ve labeled is listed and visible for each subsequent trunk.

Here is where you can also change the password, caller ID, etc., and any other kind of trunk settings.

All of the services are month-to-month with no contract, and will require a credit card for payment.

If you’d rather us handle the end user billing/taxes, we have a solution for that too! Simply “Create New Customer” > “Create New Order” > Submit Order Confirmation to Customer > Customer Pays and manages their order with a credit card on their customer portal.


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