Our Breakdown of The SIP School’s 2015 Industry Survey

sip survey 2015
You may or may not be aware, but everyone on the sales team at SIPTRUNK.com is SIP School certified. Keeping up on certs is a good way to keep your skills sharp in the field when talking to partners or end-users. If you haven’t looked into SIP School before, you definitely should, as they handily cover over all the things you need to know to sell SIP trunks, but stop short of getting you lost in the weeds of over-technicalness.

Aside from their SIP sales instruction, SIP School’s CEO, Graham Francis, conducts a survey on the state of SIP in the world, and it is chock-full of juicy tidbits that we’ll be unpacking for you in the coming weeks. This year, in particular, is of note in that not only does it feature more respondents than its previous four surveys, it is comprised of a segment that hadn’t yet been featured; the end users.

Peppered with insights from industry thought-leaders, this survey is the best top-down view available for we chosen few in SIP-land. It is a worthy read, to be sure, coming in at over 30 pages. If you don’t have the hours it takes to get in and digest it all, have no fear. We’ll be breaking it down into bite-sized chunks for you, so stay tuned!