Free Softphones for use With SIP Trunking Services

Our favoritefree softphones

Our favoritefree softphones

Softphones are an affordable way for your customers to make and receive calls; all they need is a good internet connection, a computer, a headset, a microphone, and your SIP trunks. To ensure they have a successful experience, however, you may need to provide them some good options of softphone interfaces that work well. Here’s a list of our favorite free softphones, in no particular order:


3CX is a completely free softphone interface that looks and feels like a smartphone interface. As such, it’s intuitive and easy to navigate for any veteran smartphone user. It runs on Windows, Android, and iPhone, and can be connected to an existing corporate phone system as a remote extension. It features all basic phone characteristics like call transferring or call holding. When used in conjunction with a Windows system, calls can be recorded, as well.

The 3CX interface is a simple (and gorgeous) way for your customers to save on phone services or to connect to their corporate phone system when they’re on the go.


Another intuitive free softphone interface, ZoiPer is available for just about any computer platform you could imagine: it runs on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS. It combines contacts anywhere it can find them on your customer’s device into one unified location so they can easily find the contact they need to call.

ZoiPer also offers free encryption and several methods of communication–voice call, fax, video call, or chat. It takes up little space on a hard drive, making it especially useful if your customer has older equipment or low memory.


X-Lite, from CounterPath, offers most of the same features as CounterPath’s Bria, except it is entirely free. Though this softphone does include advertisements to financially support the system, it is still a powerful softphone interface. It can be run on Windows and Mac.

Callers have the options of video or voice call or instant message. X-Lite also offers voicemail so your customers don’t miss a single call. Its comprehensive contact list allows users to organize contacts into groups and shows call history for each contact.


Ekiga, an open source softphone interface, is the result of a 2001 graduation thesis and has been providing free phone services ever since. It offers voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and standard phone features like call holding, transferring, and forwarding. It runs on Windows and Linux systems.


Softphones save your customers money, and allow them to communicate through their own phone system from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Give them the knowledge they need to find a free softphone that works for them.