The Basics of SIP Trunk Sales Series

Every now and again we get a great idea 😀

(Like unlimited SIP trunks with 20% monthly recurring commissions..)

Get two of the most opinionated men in the industry together to talk about successfully selling SIP trunking.

After all, nothing happens until something is sold.

It’s an old age axiom that still holds true today, especially in the SIP services space. For all of its technological prowess, selling SIP trunking services isn’t always easy.

Especially if you’re new to SIP or telecommunications in general.

Despite being reliable with widespread use by businesses across the globe, your customers (or you) still may not be comfortable with the technology. Heck, millions are still using the PSTN…so obvious that not everyone has yet gotten the message.

So whether you’re a Don Draper who can already paint a vivid picture of HD calling bliss or you’re currently trembling at the thought of presenting SIP to your customers, we’ve pulled together two of the industry’s thought leaders on SIP sales and marketing.


Peter Radizeski is President of RAD-INFO INC, a telecom consulting firm in Tampa, FL. He is an accomplished blogalyst, speaker, author and consultant who has worked with more than 40 VoIP providers since 2003, specializing in customer acquisition and market growth. Peter’s vast experience and straightforward style have made him one of the industry’s most popular speakers and in-demand consultants.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is the founder of Pitch + Pivot, a sales and marketing agency, in Buffalo, NY. Over the last decade, Garrett has lead efforts resulting in the sale of well over $100 million worth of VoIP systems to over 100,000 businesses worldwide. He currently advises and leads the sales and marketing efforts for several companies in the VoIP industry, including

Starting with how to view SIP technology and the opportunities that you should be looking for, Peter and Garrett will lead you down a path to SIP trunking success that ends with how to position yourself within the market and tips on closing SIP sales with ease.

Ready to learn more about how to successfully sell SIP trunking services? We can’t wait.

Look for the first post in the series, early next week!