How to Resell VoIP Service to Your Clients

Thinking about how to resell VoIP services? Let’s go over some of the basics. First, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the fastest-growing technology trends in telecommunications today. With VoIP, a phone system uses Internet connectivity to make and receive calls, among many other extra features. This solution provides a cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to communicate.

Besides lowering the overall calling costs, VoIP solution providers offer many additional functions, including call waiting, forwarding, paging, speed dialing, and group calls. These features give users enhanced call processing capabilities and allow for higher workplace productivity.

Due to its affordable pricing and extraordinary versatility, many companies are now replacing the older fixed-line PBX solutions with new VoIP systems. Unsurprisingly, many startup businesses choose to set up VoIP straight away instead of installing traditional phones.

The popularity of VoIP means this segment offers an exciting business opportunity for you, particularly if you want to resell VoIP service to your clients.

How to Resell VoIP Service to Your Customers

To successfully resell VoIP service, you should know how to pitch the solution to the public. It would be best if you catered to businesses’ bottom line by highlighting VoIP’s most enticing features. You can only do this if you understand the service’s different functions, including mobile IP PBX, Find Me/Follow Me, audio and video conferencing, and virtual auto attendant.

It can help to emphasize how the service caters to global and high-growth companies by enhancing their geographical flexibility and scalability. These and a wealth of additional features will considerably boost your clients’ communications efficiency, an essential factor that affects their business operations.

Another attractive aspect of VoIP for businesses – and one that you should highlight – is that it costs much less than legacy telecommunications solutions. There are minimal on-premises hardware requirements, calls are cheaper, and there are generally reduced maintenance and upgrade costs. It is easy to appeal to your target market when you note the considerably lower prices in conjunction with greater versatility and functionality.

When you initially begin as a VoIP reseller, it works best to narrow down your core target demographic. Before expanding nationally or globally, you should try to upsell your service to your existing clients or look for a core of local or regional clients.

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The most important aspect is to find a  reseller platform. Ideally, you should partner with one that caters to your clients’ needs . Your chosen platform should allow  you to get started with little to no initial investment. H2: Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller

According to a Global Market Insights report, the global VoIP market will grow to more than $95 billion by 2027. No wonder so many service providers are looking to expand their offerings by entering the VoIP market. 

Reselling VoIP services is a tempting and lucrative field. It allows even solopreneurs and smaller technology startups to launch a new product at low cost and high projected revenue. Because of VoIP’s rapid growth to become the dominant telecommunications platform for business, you will find a nearly endless market that you can cater to and grow your brand steadily.

There are several excellent reasons to resell VoIP service to your clients:

Adding a New Revenue Stream to Your Business

If you are an independent IT or telecom consultant or operate a technology business, joining a reseller program will help establish your company as a trusted brand in VoIP more quickly. Thanks to VoIP’s benefits and the growth in the Unified Communications segment, more businesses are now switching to this technology and abandoning traditional telephony systems.

As a specialist VoIP reseller, you will be in a better position to offer the information businesses need to switch to VoIP solutions. As a result, you will open up a lucrative, new revenue stream with a virtually endless supply of new customers.

If you work with a provider or operator who offers quality training and support to your team, your salespeople and marketers can provide a credible and knowledgeable service to your new clients.

Expanding Your Company’s Service Offering

More and more people are choosing to work remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting work culture. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting work culture mean that more people are opting to work remotely. The best way to increase worker efficiency and keep them connected, wherever they are, is through VoIP. VoIP is the best solution to increase worker efficiency and keep them connected, wherever they are.

It makes sense, regardless of whether your company is involved in the telecommunications industry or not, that you would want a piece of the multi-billion-dollar VoIP pie. Whether your company is in the telecommunications industry or not, it only makes sense that you would want a slice of the multi-billion-dollar VoIP pie. You are well-positioned to resell VoIP services if you already provide IT or telecommunications services. If you already provide IT or telecommunications services, you are well-placed to resell VoIP services.

Offer your VoIP service as part of a bundle that includes other services from your business or encourage existing customers to switch to VoIP from their legacy phone service. This can also provide you with upselling opportunities.

Simple to Start with Low Technical Requirements

The simplest way for your company to get started is as a VoIP reseller for a wholesale operator, which mainly requires skills in selling and marketing. If you know how to reach clients and persuade them to buy a VoIP service from you, then you will overcome the biggest hurdle. The best wholesale VoIP operator lets you brand the service as your own while giving you control over contract terms, pricing strategy, and customer relationships. Although you and your team should understand how the system works, you can delegate provisioning and tech support to your operator if you do not have sufficient technical resources.

Retaining Your Existing Customers

Reselling VoIP service is an excellent opportunity for your business to capitalize on an in-demand product, increase its range of services, gain a competitive edge, and satisfy customer needs, thereby improving customer retention.

By becoming a VoIP reseller, you have the opportunity to provide a high-quality telephony solution to your clients at a competitive cost.

With the growing number of companies seeking to make a move to Internet-powered communications, you can retain your clients who would otherwise look for VoIP services from your competitors.

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Partnering with a Reputable VoIP Provider

Although there are hundreds of service providers for you to choose from, ensure that you pick one with all the features you want to offer your clients. There are several crucial criteria you should examine when selecting the right provider for your VoIP reseller business, including:

  • Reputation: Check the provider’s customer feedback, testimonials, and ratings to determine if they are reliable. The company should have a long track record of service and experienced staff.
  • Features: The provider should offer a full-featured solution at an affordable price and top-notch network and data security.
  • White labeling: By reselling the service under your brand, you help build trust and make it easier to market your solution to your clients.
  • Training and resources: Regardless of what provider you choose, you should ensure you or your team have the training and resources you need to get up and running quickly.
  • Expert technical support: You should be able to rely on your provider to handle any issues your clients might have within a timely manner.

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