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Start a Conversation: Social Media Tips for Your Reseller Business

Promoting your SIP reseller business takes more than a few business cards and emails to bring in a big client base. Social media has become one of the most successful ways to advertise for any business. If you’re not using social media to promote your business, then it’s time you start. 

Not only do you want to use Facebook for its business page option, but you want to use all different types of social media platforms. Advertising your business on several social media platforms gives you a fast and affordable way to reach a bigger audience. However, there are a few must-know tips before diving into the social media world for businesses. 

For a successful social media marketing campaign, continue reading below. Here are a few social media tips for your reseller business!

1. Research Your Audience

Before deciding what type of content to post or even when to post it, you need to research your audience. Knowing your audience is what’s going to help you have a successful social media campaign. There are social media analytic tools to help you discover information about your target audience.

Learn who’s following you, what times of the day they’re interacting with your pages, and more. Once you have an idea of who your target audience is, you can start creating a marketing strategy that will attract them. For example, Instagram is a platform that has users mostly under the age of 30.

And Facebook is a good tool for creating ads. Think about who your target audience is and then be sure to keep them in mind when promoting your business on social media.

2. Stay Engaged

Using social media to promote your business takes more effort than creating an account and posting a few pictures or ads here and there. You need to stay engaged. Staying engaged with your followers helps you create relationships with them that will hopefully last a lifetime. 

There are a few things that you want to keep an eye on such as how much of a reach you’re getting with your audience. Be sure that your content is reaching your target audience’s newsfeed or pages. Learn how many clicks your company is receiving for each campaign. 

Use hashtags and see which ones generate the most likes. Staying on top of all of these aspects of social media is going to ensure your success. The more engaged and on top of things you are, the better chances you have at building an audience. 

3. Learn About Competitors 

If you’re new to social media, then it might be a good idea to take a look at what your competition is doing. This isn’t to copy their marketing strategies. It’s an important step because you want to ensure that you’re going above and beyond what the competition is doing. 

Your first step is to determine who your competition is. You can do this by completing a quick search in a search engine. Use a search engine to search for keywords related to telecommunication and IT services for businesses in your area. 

See what other companies come up from your search. After you find your competition in the VOIP reseller business, see which companies have active social media accounts and dig in. What type of content are they posting on Facebook?

What kind of Tweets are they tweeting on their Twitter accounts? Learn what hashtags they’re using, and anything else you can find that’ll help you mold your own social media marketing strategy. 

4. Create Engaging Content 

To keep your target audience interested, you need to create and post engaging content. If you’re posting content that isn’t related to business communications or technology in any way, then it might be seen as spam. Followers are more likely to unfollow a page due to over-posting spam content than to engage with the page.

To avoid this, post content that’s useable, informative, and beneficial to your target audience in any other way. Posting videos is one great way to do so. You can post live videos, short-looping ones, or even longer ones. Our blog can give you tons of ideas about topics your audience might find of interest. 

Your target audience wants content that’s unique. Be sure to post content that differs from your competition in some way and pulls your audience in. 

5. Understand the Importance of Timeliness 

Timeliness is another important factor to consider. When your target audience and potential customers are posting on your social media pages, it’s essential that you respond to these comments, questions, and messages in a timely manner. 

When responding to your followers, be sure to keep customer service at the top of your priority list. The best way to ensure that you can do this is to assign specific tasks to specific people in your company. If you are a sole proprietor, set aside a specific time each day to check in on your social accounts. You need somebody to be on top of your social media pages at all times. 

Communicate with your followers on a regular basis. Although you might believe responding to customers within 10 hours is good enough, many followers expect companies on social media to respond to them within only a few hours. Ignoring the ones who try to engage with your page is going to lead to a loss in customers.

Engaging with them on a consistent basis shows your audience how much you appreciate them, and it also helps get your content more visible to others.

Start Promoting Your SIP Trunking Business With Social Media!

It’s time to start promoting your SIP reseller business with social media today! Doing so ensures that your business is able to reach a larger audience and interact with them on a consistent basis. 

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