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Are you thinking about starting a SIP trunking business?

There’s no question that there are a lot of opportunities. The SIP market is predicted to grow exponentially over the next few years.

It may seem that SIP is growing so fast, it can practically sell itself. That may be a little true, but you still need to know how to generate leads and close sales.

You can do this even with zero sales experience. Read on to learn the top sales tips to grow your SIP trunking business.

1. Rethink Sales

Do you get an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about sales? That’s the first thing that you need to adjust.

When a lot of people think about sales, they think about being pushy or applying pressure tactics to get someone to buy.

You’re not making someone an offer they can’t refuse. You’re merely helping them solve a problem. Think about all of the benefits that SIP services offer. Your customers will enjoy cost savings, increased flexibility, and a highly reliable approach to unified communications.

When you think of yourself as a problem solver and not a salesperson, you can be more relaxed in your sales approach. No pressure tactics are necessary.

2. Ask a Lot of Questions

Part of your job as a problem solver is to find out which services are the best ones for your prospects. They only way to do that is to understand their current challenges and needs.

You’ll want to ask a lot of questions to learn what their telecommunications needs are and which SIP trunk services are best for them.

The added benefit of asking a lot of questions is that prospects appreciate the level of concern that you have in solving their challenges.

3. Get All Stakeholders Together

You gave a potential client a great presentation. You got them on board, and you know that they want to sign up with you. When you present the contract to them, you find out that there are a dozen other people who are involved in the decision-making process.

That is likely to turn into a lost opportunity. It’s then up to your main prospect to sell the rest of the stakeholders and get everyone to sign off.

Before you schedule a presentation or appointment, make sure that all of the stakeholders are in the room at the same time. That will simplify the sales process and close deals faster.

4. Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

There are a lot of ways to market and promote your SIP trunking business. You can cold call companies, network, and send cold emails all day.

One other way that’s effective is to use LinkedIn. It’s a great tool for prospecting potential leads and turning cold prospects into warm leads.

The best way to use LinkedIn is to search for prospects and invite them to connect. Once they do, you can follow up with a simple messaging campaign that is focused on them. 

5. Always Follow-Up

What’s the biggest mistake that salespeople make regardless of industry? They fail to follow up with prospects.

A small percentage of prospects are ready to buy now. Almost half of all salespeople give up after that first no.

Here’s a secret: about 60% of sales happen after the fourth follow-up. That doesn’t mean that you have to call them four times in a week to get them to say yes. Just check in periodically to see if their needs changed.

6. Use a CRM System

How can you keep track of all of those prospects and follow-up calls? A customer relationship management system is an indispensable tool to have.

You have all of your leads and customers in one place. You also have detailed notes and reminders to contact those leads.

CRMs are affordable and a lot of them have apps that you can use to keep your contacts anywhere you go.

7. Always Ask for Referrals

Another way to build your reseller business is to ask for referrals. This is an important step that many miss in the sales process.

Many don’t ask because they fear that they’ll look desperate for sales. The reality is that your customers are happy to help you, as long as you give them outstanding service.

8. Be Patient

Sales requires consistency and practice. You have to think of sales as an opportunity to learn and grow. That’s how you’ll get better. Whenever you work with a client or lead, always think about how you can improve your processes.

You may start out striking out and hitting base hits a lot. You may get lucky and hit a home run. You want to have a balance between large and small customers. That’s how you’ll have a consistent income and a thriving business.

Start Your SIP Trunking Business

There’s a bright future for SIP trunking resellers. The market is definitely going to grow, and you need to be ready for it, even without sales experience.

Doing the little things consistently will be the best way to reach your sales and income goals. Are you ready to get started? Create your reseller account today.

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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