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7 Innovative Ideas for Marketing Your SIP Telecom Business

Now is a great time to be starting a SIP business. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth and to create a highly profitable business.

The way businesses communicate has evolved and SIP trunking is at the forefront. Your business creates a win-win situation. You get to build a stream of recurring revenue. The businesses you serve have a way to communicate at the speed of light.

While that sounds amazing, you still need to be able to market and build a business. Marketing your SIP telecom business can be a challenge. To help generate leads and close sales, read on for 7 ways you can market your SIP business.

1. Have Systems and Infrastructure in Place

Before you start marketing, you need to make sure you have a solid foundation. When you have a solid foundation to build on top of, marketing becomes a match to set your business on fire.

The first step is to have systems in place to deliver great service and handle new clients. For example, you want to make sure that you have the top reselling partners in your corner that you can rely on.

You’ll also need tools that will assist you with customer service and prospect management, such as a CRM.                          

It is also important to define your target market and outline the reasons that they would want to buy from you.

2. Brand and Positioning

The key to building a successful business is communicating what sets your business apart from all of the other SIP telecom businesses.

You’re competing against smaller businesses like yours and you’re competing against multinational companies.

When you approach stakeholders to sign up for SIP trunking services, they’re all going to ask the same question, “Why should we go with you?”

You need to be able to answer that question in a couple of sentences. There can be a lot of things that set you apart from the competition. For example, being a local company for local businesses is a selling point. Using a SIP trunking platform with only Tier-1 carriers is another example of what can set you apart.

You can also point out your vendor partners and the success they’ve had with other customers.

A brand for your reselling business is more than just a logo. It’s a connection that people have with your business. You want to establish what your brand is about by asking yourself what you want people to think of when they think of your company.

Reliability, integrity, and great service are a few examples that you can use in your business.

3. Build Relationships

The core of any business transaction is relationships. Your customers want to buy from vendors that they know, like, and trust. It’s essential for you to take the time to build relationships, especially if you’re targeting larger organizations.

There are a number of ways you can start to build relationships. Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn is a great way to generate B2B leads.

Start by inviting prospects to connect. When they accept your invitation, reach out to introduce yourself. Don’t sell them anything at this time. Ask them how you can help them instead.

People expect to have salespeople hound them to purchase but rarely do they get an offer for help. You’ll be trusted and remembered.

You can apply this anytime you make a new connection, whether it’s at a networking event or an online forum.

4. Position Yourself as an Expert

You can build trust with your audience by positioning yourself as an expert in the SIP field. For example, you can speak at local chambers of commerce to discuss the many benefits of SIP trunking.

You can start a blog on your website or self-publish a book to show off your expertise. Offer to write guest articles in local business magazines or industry blogs. The main thing to remember is to write in publications your target audience reads.

It takes time to build authority in the industry, but when you do, you can command higher prices for your services.

5. Get Found Online

People looking for SIP trunking services will look online first to research various services. You want your business to be front and center.

Investing in SEO can be a smart move that pays off in the long-term. You can start by filling out business directory listings on Google My Business and Bing Places.

You can also have a blog that targets specific search terms that people use to learn about SIP and find resellers.

6. PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads can be an effective way to market your business. They can get your business to the top of search listings without having to wait for SEO to build up.

You can invest your marketing budget to direct traffic to a landing page that’s set up to collect leads.

7. The Entire Customer Experience Is Marketing

You may think of marketing as anything that can generate leads, but really every customer interaction is marketing. These interactions can cause people to decide whether they want to do business with you or not.

In other words, everything that you do counts. Your ads and marketing activities will generate leads. Your website needs to be clear and concise and convey what your brand is about.

When someone calls or emails with questions, they expect a prompt response. They expect professional proposals. They also expect you to deliver outstanding service from beginning to end.

The reality of running a SIP telecom business is that marketing never really stops. Even after a business signs up for SIP trunking, you can still ask them for referrals to other businesses.

Marketing a SIP Telecom Business  

There is a lot of opportunity in the SIP telecom business. Starting any type of business is a challenge, but a SIP trunking business has its own challenges due to stiff competition.

A solid business foundation is going to be critical for your success. You want to have the right systems and services platform in place so you can handle the steady stream of new clients.

Do you want more information about becoming a SIP trunking reseller? Contact us today to get started.