Easier SIP Trunking Security with ShoreTel Hybrid Solution

An interesting development in SIP trunking technology is the recent announcement of the ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution.

We’ve harped on the importance of SIP trunking security before and explained the vulnerabilities of SIP trunks.

So it’s interesting to see that ShoreTel’s new flexible cloud communication offering removes the burden of worrying about security.

“Specifically, the fact the SIP trunk TIE line doesn’t require an SBC at the customer site, firewall modifications or practically any network configuration is a refreshing change in the SIP world [emphasis added],” said Jeremy Vignaux, of Harbor Networks, a ShoreTel reseller.

Why is this important?

Well, the 2015 SIP Survey by The SIP School asked respondents about their SBC network security measures and a sizable number of companies said that they had “no SBC installed.”

To which David Chavex, Avaya CTO responded, “Having no SBC is likely ok for cloud/hosted if the clients are line side only. Otherwise it speaks to a gamblers mentality,” said Chavez.”

Another benefit to ShoreTel’s new platform is that users can migrate to the cloud at their own pace. Hybrid solutions are becoming more popular because they’re less disruptive and and the upfront costs aren’t as costly.

“Many customers want to take advantage of UCaaS capabilities, and at the same time they want to leverage their existing assets and business processes,” said Eugenia Corrales of ShoreTel.

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