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How to Get SIP Certified and Boost Your Career

Did you know 10,000 IT professionals believe that getting certifications makes them feel more confident in their abilities? SIP or session initiation protocol is one of the certifications that will help boost your confidence.

SIP is a signaling protocol used to start, manage, and end sessions in an IP based network. Keep reading, and we will walk you through becoming SIP certified and why this is important to your business.

What is SIP?

SIP or session initiation protocol is the signaling protocol that starts, manages, or ends a session between two or more IP based networks. The session could be as simple as a two-way call on your cellphone to a coworker or a collaborative video conference with 40+ people.

SIP’s main job is the setup and control of sessions, so the role is at the beginning to get the call and when the session is over at the end. The audio/video media of the actual call or video chat is not controlled by SIP.

Voice over connectivity is the main outlet used in a SIP, and you can find services that will cover your voice, video, and messaging applications all at the same time. These are called SIP trunks.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks allow for multiple real-time applications, such as voice, video, and messaging to all be controlled under one signaling protocol.

The trunk is an access link between a service provider’s network the enterprise’s communication system. In short, it allows for sending voice and other communications services over the Internet.

SIP trunking replaces the traditional telephone lines we see and has become more reliable, with many businesses switching to SIP trunks and VoIP technology to keep up. SIP is helpful and necessary for remote work and businesses that have a lot of remote employees.

Before SIP was a reliable method of transferring voice signals, phone calls were carried over by the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). These are the traditional copper phone lines. These require a physical connection between two points to make and complete a phone call.

Every SIP trunk supports an unlimited number of channels, and each channel equals one incoming or outgoing phone call. No matter, you only need one SIP trunk for your client’s business.

You can resell SIP trunks as well, but you want to make sure that you partner with the right company that provides the best product with the right amount of support.

You need to make sure you have the right approach, where you cater to your sales pitch based on the client and their company’s needs. You want to make sure that you focus on the solution that the SIP trunking product offers and make it even more personal by relaying it to how it can solve your client’s specific issues.

Lastly, you want to make sure you listen to the client. Let them talk through what they are looking for so you can highlight this in your pitch and answer questions throughout the presentation.

SIP vs. VoIP

SIP and VoIP can commonly be used as synonyms, but they aren’t the same. VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a more broad term that covers any phone call that’s made over the Internet. VoIP encompasses a group of protocol technology, and SIP is one of these protocols.

Now that we’ve gone over SIP and the terms associated, we will walk through becoming SIP certified.

How to Become SIP Certified

Becoming SIP certified can help advance your career and make your clients feel secure that you’re providing them the best advice and information for their business.

When looking to become SIP certified, there are multiple certifications to consider.

We are going to walk through some of the top certifications in the industry:

There are multiple certifications that are beneficial and stepping stones for the other.

It’s important to consider which will be most helpful to you and your career.

1. SIP School Certified Associate (SSCA):

This certificate shows that you have an understanding of VoIP and the concepts behind it. You will understand and be able to explain to clients how to put solutions into place.

SSCA is an essential certification in the SIP world, and it provides building blocks and school credit towards BICSI Certification.

If you pass the test, your certification is valid for two years from that date.

2. School VVoIP Professional (SSVVP):

This certification proves that you have great knowledge of everything networking and how Voice and Video work across these networks.

If you pass this exam, you earn credit toward your BICSCI, and it is valid for two years. This exam is a good stepping stone to get your SSCA.

3. SIP School Sales Professional Certification (SSSP):

This certificate helps with anyone that is selling or marketing of UC, Hosted PBX, or SIP. The principles of this course apply to markets around the world and provide examples regarding other countries.

If you pass this test, it will be valid for two years, and you can get more training after you pass the test, which can be helpful while you’re preparing sales pitches.

4. Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Certification:

If you receive this certification, it’s one of the most widely recognized certificates in the U.S for telecommunications.

For technicians, this helps them earn recognition for their installation and cable knowledge.

For engineers, this displays their project management or telecommunications planning experience and expertise.

5. Vendor-Specific VoIP Certifications:

You may also want to look into vendor-specific certifications if you are looking to work with or for a specific company when you are reselling SIP trunks. Some PBXs and other services are about the vendor’s choice.

Once you decide what certifications are best for you and your company and career, you will need to prepare to take the exams so that you can get SIP certified.

Let’s Get Certified

After learning about how to become SIP certified and the many ways you can make yourself more knowledgeable when presenting or reselling to clients, you are ready to sign up for a course.

Do your research and find the best course that will help you prepare for these exams.

Start preparing today or keep reading about SIP trunk reselling!