work from home tips for sip trunk resellers

Getting Clients Remotely: 8 Work From Home Tips for SIP Trunk Resellers

If you’re used to spending your days at this office, this quarantine must make you feel like you’re stuck in jail. You’re grouchy, anxious, and your productivity is plummeting. The worst part is your business is suffering for it. Well, we can’t save you from the coronavirus, but we can save you from yourself. The sections below outline the best work from home tips for SIP trunk resellers like you.

When you are ready to turn your homestay into a burgeoning turning point for your business, read on.

Work from Home Tips for Sip Trunk Resellers

Believe it or not, COVID-19 and SIP trunking don’t need to be enemies. Working from home is often the best thing that happens to folks who with strong willpower. Creating structure is the key to your COVID and SIP trunk reselling success as you can see below.

1. Start With Your Mornings

This is your day to build your business and create success. Stick to a regular schedule for when you wake up and try to create a routine. 

If you want to thrive during this quarantine, build those successful habits starting today. Get up, eat, and get ready for work.

2. Clean Your Space

Studies have shown that clutter is devastating to productivity. If you want to turbocharge your ability to prosper, you’ve got to change both your mindset and your environment.

Yes, your kids are home, leaving their dirty socks on the TV. Yes, your spouse dropped the clean laundry on the counter and forgot to fold it. But this is your day to take charge, remember?

Clean in the evening before you go to bed. Wake up early to pick up the house. Do whatever you must to tidy up that clutter in your house and in your head, and don’t take no for an answer.

3. Define Your Work Environment

Even if you telecommuted before the quarantine, now things are different. You don’t have any control over your space, privacy, or choices. You can’t tell your kids to go to school or pop out for a Frappuccino at Starbucks.

So, take hold of the few things still in your control. Build a space that’s your work environment. Nobody else is allowed.

Make sure a door, screen, or curtain sits between you and the rest of your household. If you have an office, great. If you need to use the kitchen table or a recliner in the living room, fantastic.

The space you choose is less important than the barrier. Drill the meaning of it into your family well before they pester you.

4. Set a Schedule

This is part of creating goals. To build a successful business, you create large, concrete business goals for the future. To build a prosperous routine, you create small, achievable goals for the day.

They help you keep your mind on your task, so you don’t check the latest COVID-19 update every 15 minutes. Start by writing out your weekly goals and determine what you’ll need to achieve them. Use those to create your daily goals and break them into 15-minute blocks.

Also, avoid checking news sites, social media, and entertainment during your workday.

5. Make a Stoplight for Your Family Members

Sometimes your family isn’t going to take the hint, no matter how many times you tell them. Kids are notorious for accidentally “forgetting.” Put a halt to it with a stoplight.

Green means you’re available for distractions. Red means stop right there and turn around.

6. Invest in Earphones

Background noise decimates productivity. Anything producing 85 decibels or above will send your success plummeting. That’s about the volume of city traffic or kids playing in the other room.

Unfortunately, you’re trapped in the same house as the rest of your household! You just need to be a little creative.

Jump on Amazon and order noise-canceling headphones when you finish this article. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headset is a safe bet. It produces excellent sound, lasts for 10 hours, and cancels out disruptive sounds.

7. Connect With Communication Technology

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to drop off the face of the planet. Start communicating with your boss, staff, or fellow employees. You’re certainly in the right business for it!

Take advantage of Google Chat. Pick up a phone and connect with prospects. Share a FaceTime with a business partner.

If hospitals, schools, and government facilities can change their routines overnight, so can you. Linking up with your social circle is crucial for staving off depression. Keep connected and keep your mind right.

8. Stay Away From the Kitchen

One way the coronavirus and selling SIP trunks from home can be a dangerous combination is if you’re visiting the kitchen every 15 minutes. It’s definitely not good for your waistline, but that’s not the main reason for avoiding it.

When you head to the kitchen you break your productivity. You’re taking time away from the things you promised yourself you’d focus on. You also provide yourself with an easy excuse to avoid heading back to work.

After all, it’s only a few minutes, right? No!

Your goal is to create success in your own life. You do that by building successful routines. You negate all your work by building cheating habits into those routines.

When you head to the kitchen, it also gives your family mixed signals. You’re not at your workstation, and nobody can see your stoplight. Does that mean it’s ok to interact with you?

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve digested our work from home tips for SIP trunk resellers, it’s time to take action. Start by creating a schedule for yourself tomorrow. Follow that up by telling your family the new rules and clean up the house before bed.

If you’re still climbing the walls after you implement these strategies, try a SIP trunk service platform. It’ll make building your SIP business a pain-free process even during this quarantine. So long and good luck!