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A Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Reselling SIP Trunks

What is Reselling SIP Trunks?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is essentially the way VOIP is achieved. By definition, it is an application layer protocol that sets up real-time sessions of audio and video between to points (phone to phone). It is the technology within an IP network that creates, modifies and terminates sessions of all kinds, whether its a two-way call or multi-party conference call.  

The bottom line is that businesses need to invest in unified communication services to build a modern business. It’s good news if you are a managed service provider (MSP) thinking about adding SIP trunking to your list of provided services. Reselling SIP trunking makes sense in many ways, aside from being a great way to add revenue streams to your bottom line. 

The great news is there are some quality SIP trunk providers offering business to resell their services, as White Label resellers. This model of reselling means you can brand and market it under your business name while they take up most of the administration. 

Find A Great SIP Partner

Finding the right partner is one of the main components for success as a SIP trunk reseller. If your reseller model has a weak foundation or, in other words, a weak service partner, you won’t get very far.  

So, what should you look for in a SIP Trunking partner? 

Check into the software they use to determine if it is intuitive and user-friendly. If the software is challenging to navigate, you won’t be able to figure out how to invoice clients, create quotes, keep track of leads, and you won’t have any luck reselling. Besides, you may have clients who need to be able to use the software independently, so you need to make sure it’s simple enough for them to understand.

Also, it is essential to choose SIP companies that work with Tier 1 communication networks. Tier 1 connects to the internet directly, which results in more clear audio calls and video conference calls. Choosing a company that works with Tier 2 or 3 may cost less, but you may lose clients due to the lags, glitches, and dropped calls they experience on these networks. 

Clearly Show the Advantages of SIP Trunking

Knowing how to clearly explain to businesses the advantages of SIP Trunking will make you successful as a reseller. You need to be able to demonstrate how valuable SIP trunking is to your prospective clients. That will lead to sales. 

When you remind your prospective client that your services can grow with their business and the scalability of SIP services, their interest will be peaked. They need to know they aren’t locked into paying for unneeded things at the beginning. Be certain you highlight all the cost savings that SIP service provides to a business – often up to 40% off communication costs. 

Inform your prospective clients how each feature benefits them and their ability to serve their clients. Then you can enhance your revenue as your clients learn by introducing them to bundles that solve their needs. 

Details are Important

Selling anything is all about the details. The services you provide, the products you sell, competitor information, and what kind of support you will provide are essential details that will show clients the advantages of working with you and can revamp your reselling business. Deciding whether you will offer free trials and how to convert those who select the free trial to clients to long term customers is also an important detail. 

The Changing Business Communications Market

Telephone use in business communications is decreasing, while mobile communications are growing. Companies want their sales teams out selling, not sitting at a desk. With that trend, it is the perfect time to add SIP reselling to your business. 

If you’re an IT or telecom integration business, the resale of SIP trunks makes perfect sense. Infrastructure needs vary depending on how your clients connect, self-hosted, or cloud-hosted. Still, you already deal with the required hardware.

Due to this and many other reasons, many traditional phone services companies have begun phasing out their wired services. In 2013, Verizon stopped providing its PSTN services, and most carriers will be phasing out traditional services by 2021. As a businessperson, you can be ready to take advantage of the coming changes. 

Making a Business of SIP Trunking

The IHS Markit Report reviewed the SIP trunking business. Here are the take-aways: 

  • Year-Over-Year SIP Trunking revenue grew by 12% in 2017
  • While all regions are growing, North America comprises 59% of trunks. 
  • Year-Over-Year SIP trunks increased by 26%. 
  • SIP trunks comprise less than half of all existing installed business trunks. 

It is apparent that businesses are moving to VoIP technology and that SIP is fast becoming the choice for telephone communications for business. The time is now to help businesses with the transition to SIP. The flexibility and scalability will be helpful to small and new business, while older companies will need to be able to integrate older PBX systems. 

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Deciding to become a SIP Reseller shouldn’t be difficult at all when you’ve seen how simple it can be. Educating customers is all it takes to make them understand how SIP will solve their communications problems, and that’s what it is. Finding the problem and solving it with SIP trunks. 

Reselling SIP is an excellent addition to most technology products that you already offer. SIP Trunk is made for businesses looking to build recurring revenue streams. If you still have questions, check out our free guide today