wholesale sip trunking guide

The Ultimate Wholesale SIP Trunking Guide

It’s the 21st-century! Why are businesses still using 19th-century technology?

The copper wire telephone infrastructure is rapidly reaching its end. Europe, Canada, Australia, and others all have target dates to discontinue old-school analog telephone lines.

The U.S. PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and analog lines are in a maintenance-only phase. Verizon ends the ISDN line service in six states this year.

To replace analog line service, customers use a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk.

Unlike the old-timey system, a trunk line isn’t an actual copper twist, but a service. Using our wholesale SIP trunking guide below, you can use this technology to make this a huge business opportunity.

How Is Wholesale IP Trunking a Business Opportunity? 

The old PSTN functionality is in a fast decline. The big telecom providers are moving customers to internet connections. Voice communications aren’t going away, so a SIP trunk and a phone system upgrade are inevitable. 

Wholesale SIP trunking gives you the opportunity to offer phone numbers and lines, at better rates than the traditional providers. You can offer more flexibility and different contract options than the big telecom companies.

Build your own business of SIP trunk lines and related services like virtual PBX, fax service and other add-on features. Each one of your customers gets Tier-1 Service and you get a commission.

Learn the Basics–What is a SIP Trunk?

SIP trunks are phone lines delivered over the internet with SIP. Within each trunk (phone line) you have channels (phone numbers or connections.) Using SIP, the provider connects one or more channels to the customer’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange.)

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP trunking replaces traditional telephone lines. It’s a method of sending voice and other communications services over the internet. SIP trunks use a packet switch network. Voice signals are carried as data packets and sent across the internet. 

To use a SIP trunk you need an IP-enabled PBX system. SIP trunks enable users to make and receive phone calls over the internet to anyone with a phone number, anywhere in the world. A SIP channel is equivalent to a telephone line. You need one open line for every incoming or outgoing call that happens at the same time.

How Do I Sell SIP Trunks?

The SIP trunk reselling business is about selling versatility. Almost every business needs voice communications. SIP trunks fit perfectly with retail, hospitality, sales, and other industries.

If your focus is solely on business communication products, wholesale SIP trunking makes perfect sense. If you offer a broader range of products and services, like marketing, web hosting, and virtual office spaces, SIP trunks are a lucrative add-on. 

Create your brand. You could build it around managed IT, communications and connectivity, or business office solutions. Give yourself a logo, a web presence, and marketing.

Define Your Target Audience

The right message for the right audience makes the sale. Do market research to pinpoint your audience. Think about your ideal customer profile.

Your research should uncover the demographics of customers who need SIP trunks, their ideal budget parameters, typical job titles of the decision-makers (like office manager or chief technology officer). Find common problems and hone your solutions and expertise.

Once you have a solid customer profile, you’re ready to draft a marketing strategy.

Have What Your Customer Needs

Every customer is unique. Offer a variety of subscription services tailored to their business. 

Unlimited SIP Trunks

Customers pay one low monthly fee per channel (phone line) for all of their calls to the lower 48 US states and much of Canada. This flat-rate plan gives customers a level monthly bill regardless of call minutes.

Metered SIP Trunks

With metered or scalable SIP trunks, a customer pays for blocks of minutes. These minutes may be shared with any number of channels. Customers can add minutes anytime.

Direct Inward Dial

DIDs (Direct Inward Dial) are dedicated telephone numbers. They let customers forward calls directly to a PBX extension. SIPTRUNK.com has an extensive bank of DIDs from all area codes across North America. This allows customers to uncouple telephone numbers from geographical location.

Your customers can also port their existing numbers to their new SIP trunk.

Toll-Free Numbers and Service

Port a customer’s existing toll-free number or add new toll-free numbers. Make low-rate inbound toll-free calling is available.  SIPTRUNK.com has many available numbers, including 800 numbers. 

International Calling

Offer your customers outbound international calling.  Sell Outbound International Service on a per-location or per-minute basis. Toll fraud protection is included.  Customers may set the maximum per-minute call cost allowed on a per-trunk basis.

SimpleFAX™ over IP Service

A reliable IP fax service is hard to find. Faxes remain important as part of business communications. SimpleFAX™ over IP service securely sends and receives faxes over an IP connection with a small device and store-and-forward technology.  

These subscription models and extras are unique in the industry. There is something for everyone.

Make Yourself the Expert with Our Wholesale SIP Trunking Guide

You probably aren’t going out to start your own telecom just now. However, you can brand SIP trunk services with your name and expertise through white label services.  In the case of wholesale SIP trunking, you get service packages, billing, customer tech support, etc. managed for you.

You just put your label on it and commence selling. Create your own compelling product pages and then let the sales support team deliver.

Wow Customers With Great Service

SIPTRUNK.com is your wholesale SIP trunking partner in great service. We offer unmatched flexibility, attractive no-contract plans, and automated account creation and service provisioning. 

Our easy-to-install SIP trunks work with all major IP PBX, IP gateways and open-source PBX projects. We even work with legacy PBX systems with an adapter. If there’s something you need help with, our expert support team works with you to solve your customers’ technical issues.

No customer billing and tax hassles with us. SIPTRUNK takes care of monthly invoicing and handles state, federal and other telecommunications taxes. You just focus on your business and pay attention to our wholesale SIP trunking guide.

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