sip trunk reselling business

Step by Step: Your Guide to Building a SIP Trunk Reselling Business

Forget the copper phone lines of the past. SIP trunking has transformed phone communication in the 21st-century.

The SIP trunk market is expected to surpass $12 billion dollars by 2023. Stats like these encapsulate the demand for SIP trunking. In turn, this explosive demand has created a real need for resellers.

SIP reselling lets you build a profitable business without the hassle or investment of developing products and services from scratch. Instead, you resell high-quality SIP products to other companies. These products are already top-rated and customer-approved.

Ready to take action? Follow these steps to launch your SIP trunk reselling business. 

Set Your Goals

Before you resell anything, you need a plan. A SIP trunk reselling business needs a plan, just like any other business venture. Your first step is to set goals for your new company.

One of the best parts about SIP trunk reselling is its versatility. SIP trunking fits perfectly into any business product or suite. It can also stand alone as a single service.

Do you want to focus solely on business communication products? Do you want to offer a broader range of products and services, like marketing, web hosting, and virtual office spaces? These are crucial questions to ask yourself before you start reselling.

Build Your Brand

As you clarify your goals, your brand will begin to take shape.

There are many branding routes you can take with SIP reselling. You could build your brand around communication, business operations, internet services, managed IT, or full-service business solutions.

Once your mission is set, follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm a catchy, relevant brand that’s easy to remember
  • Choose a logo for your brand
  • Pick a brand color palette that inspires customers to buy
  • Design a website that reflects your branding identity
  • Use your about page to tell your story
  • Brand your company’s social media accounts
  • Include your logo on business cards and brochures

Use the same branding across all marketing channels. Effective branding is clear and consistent, just like excellent communication.

Sign Up for a Reseller Account

Your next step is to register for a SIP trunk reseller account. This step is quick and easy without any startup costs! This means you can invest more into marketing, business operations, and expansion.

It’s critical to set manageable goals throughout the entire business process, not just in the beginning. Your reseller account will also track your sales. You can use these monthly reports to set quarterly revenue goals for your SIP trunk reselling business.

Customer billing, service taxes, and tech support are all managed for you. There are also no mandatory contracts, which is a huge plus for customers.

Since your SIP reseller is a white-label service, you can brand its products with your logo. That’s why it’s essential to design your brand first.

Once your account is up and running, you’ll need to integrate your reseller products into your website. Create compelling product pages that encourage customers to buy. Remember, your account comes with reliable access to telecommunications agents trained to win sales.

Discover Your Customers

Now that you have a brand, website, and reseller account, your next step is to market your business to customers.

You may need to do a little market research to target the right audience. One thing you can do is create an ideal customer profile.

This profile should answer the following about your target audience:

  • Target demographic
  • Ideal business communication budget
  • Job titles (i.e., chief technology officers or operations managers)
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Expertise level

Once you have a solid customer profile, you can draft your marketing strategy.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Choose marketing channels that best fit your audience. For example, SIP trunk customers aren’t using Instagram to find business communication services. They’re more likely to use Google or another search engine of their choice.

Since your target audience is more likely to use search engines, you’ll want to implement a search engine marketing strategy, also known as SEM. This marketing method leverages both organic search engine optimization and paid methods.

Search engine optimization is commonly known as SEO. This part represents the “organic” part of your strategy. You’ll need to research relevant keywords and naturally include them in your website metadata, blog, and site content.

Site speed, website navigation, and backlinks also fall under the SEO umbrella. Customers prefer fast-loading websites with intuitive navigation. Analyze your bounce rate to discover opportunities to optimize your website’s performance.

After optimizing your website for search engines, move on to your paid search strategy. The marketing method you’ll be using is called PPC, which stands for pay-per-click. These are the ads that appear above organic search results.

To appear in search ads, you need to create an account with your PPC service of choice. You’ll then bid on the keywords you want your ads to appear for. For best results, bid on relevant keywords with low advertiser competition but decent search volume. 

Together, organic SEO and PPC can put your SIP trunk reselling business on customers’ radars.

Analyze Your Quarterly Results

If you don’t track and analyze business metrics, you won’t know how to improve your SIP reselling business. You need to track sales, website clicks, bounce rate, PPC campaign conversions, peak selling times, and more. One way to stay on track is to set key performance metrics or KPIs for short.

More in-depth analysis will reveal what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong. This type of analysis is essential for staying within your reselling business budget. Don’t invest in strategies that don’t produce results.

Build Your Dream Business with SIP Trunking!

Your final step is to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and put these steps into action. Don’t wait to sign up for your free SIP trunk account, so you can start selling top-quality business services.

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