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7 Steps to Finding a High-Quality, Affordable SIP Provider for Your Business

A business without a solid and stable form of communication is a business dead in the water.

SIP trunking is one of the latest in powerful technology that gives you the communication you need.

Finding the best SIP trunk provider can be tough though. 

Today we can help guide you through by finding the company that has your needs in mind.

What SIP Trunk Does For You

To get a grip on what to look for in a solid SIP trunk provider can do for you, you need to understand what makes a potent SIP trunk service.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, trunking uses the protocol in question to provision your Voice Over IP to bridge a connection between your on-premises phone system and the public switched telephone network.

In short, this setup allows you to connect you to smooth and more efficient communication for your entire business.

A SIP trunk allows you to do a host of things when initiating a call. You can locate the user in question, learn user availability, manage the call session, establish easy transfers, termination, and more. 

This will put a lot of power into your communication ability. 

Finding the Best SIP Trunk Provider

With a better understanding of the worthiness of a good SIP trunk system, now you can think on the best aspects of a SIP trunk provider. 

Below are 7 of the top aspects of a great SIP trunk provider. 

1. Reliable and Redundant

No system is perfect. Technology has a dozen or more variables with every operation, and any one of those variables could spell doom for the system.

If your SIP trunk services fail, you lose your entire call system. That ends in lost customers and wasted time. You need to be able to avoid that at all costs.

A good SIP trunk provider gives not only a reliable service to the best of their ability, free with easy maintenance and stability, but also redundancy.

If the immediate response of your SIP trunk provider when the system fails is to switch to the backup system and start to resolve issues with the first, then you are in solid hands. You should find little to no interruption in your service.

2. Proper Use of SLAs

Service level agreements, or SLAs, are not a requirement for a working SIP trunk service. A system can run fine without one. What an SLA does provide is a promise from the SIP provider in question.

A SLA is a promise that the system will work. Customer service has become such a massive part of the communications industry that not only are SLAs a common practice, but most of them promise a 99.99% uptime rate for their SIP systems.

A company who skips or has poor wording in their SLAs gives off a massive warning sign that they are not focused on the customer service you need.

Make sure that each deal you make with prominent communications providers gives you the peace of mind you need.

3. Wide Range of Features

The exact list of features that a SIP trunk service can provide is not an exact science. Some providers have a host of additions that they offer to the product. 

These additions may come at a raised price in the service, or the provider has opted out of other common features to add in their own selection.

Some providers give you an option of feature selection. 

The list of features can be massive and includes call forwarding, conference calling, enhanced 911, video chat, voicemail-to-email transcription, and interactive voice recognition. 

4. Strong Customer Support and Adaptability

Your ideal SIP trunk provider has given you an SLA that promises you that perfect 99.99% uptime on your services. What happens when you need help working the service in question.

A service that is there, but has no support to guide you in its use, can end up being as useless as a service that falters all the time. 

Questions about the product may also not come in convenient business hours. Having access to a 24/7 help service will be key to ensuring you are never left in the dark.

24/7 customer service is nothing new, but it is something that some can miss. As well, a simple automated call desk is not enough for the vast majority of questions.

Find a company with real, experienced staff at hand to help you along at any moment. Make sure you can reach them in several different ways, and provide a host of troubleshooting tools.

5. Scales to Any Size

Businesses come in all sorts of sizes. A SIP provider that gives you a network for thousands when you only work with hundreds may be out of your price range.

A provider that scales that services to your needs is invaluable. Don’t let a provider lock you into a massive service that isn’t built to your needs. 

6. Bringing Everything Together

When you are working with any third-party system, it can be hectic to deal with when they are one of many different third-party providers. 

Consolidating your outsourced systems under as few roofs as possible will solve a lot of headaches down the line.

It also gives you peace of mind. When you already have confidence in one provider, it is so much easier to do more with that provider than to try and find another provider that works as well.

7. Trustworthy Security

The last aspect to focus on today is an obvious one that gets overlooked due to how obvious it may be. 

Security is a big deal these days, especially with more and more information within digital formats. 

Communications is at the top of the food chain. Losing a client’s information to an eavesdropper is a good way to lose that client.

As such, while security is a staple, don’t forget to make sure that your provider takes it as a serious cause. It is easy to say a line is secure and then skim on the details in the hope that the problems won’t happen. 

A Partner You Can Trust

Find the best SIP trunk provider can be tricky work. The market has many stong candidates. With these aspects in mind, though, you can at least root out the more questionable providers.

Getting the right provider can be very simple. The answer may even be right in front of you

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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