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While the initial setup costs for SIP trunking services are more than you’d expect to pay for standard phone lines, the long-term impacts are powerful. When setting up this system, you get to create a virtual presence by buying as many phone numbers as you need from as many different regions as necessary. This helps to appear that you’re right in a customer’s backyard, serving them with the quality that they demand.

Here are five ways you can create a virtual presence and what it can mean for your business.

1. Win Trust

One of the most central benefits of choosing SIP trunking is that you can create a wide variety of local numbers that can be catered to wherever you do business. Rather than having to have an office located in every major market you operate in, local numbers can be generated on a whim. This helps to build trust between you and your customers.

When customers see a local number listed as your business number or they get a call from a local number, they’ll feel an instant connection. While this can be troubling if they have lots of questions about local issues or how products and services interact with local concerns, the pros outweigh cons.

Trust is hard to come by in just about every industry. When you’re working with any customer base, there’s a built-in skepticism that everything you do is an attempt to sell them on something. Seeing a local number on their phone or dialing a local number breaks through a lot of that initial skepticism.

Combat the perceptions of businesses not caring about their customers by backing up your local number with expertise.

2. Back Up Your Expertise

While most customers trust that the companies they work with have a certain amount of expertise, it’s important for you to be able to back that up. By maintaining a business model where you’re connected to your customer base 24/7, you show customers that you’re willing to do the work. Customers trust companies that are available when they need them to be available.

Learn about your most essential markets before you create a number there. Having customer service reps with real tangible local knowledge can help assure customers that you know what you’re talking about. Back up your expertise simply by being available when your competitors aren’t.

SIP trunking gives you the chance to avoid irritating menu systems that lead callers down a rabbit hole. In most cases, they call someone and land on a customer service representative who knows nothing about what they’re calling about. When they have one specific number to call or one specific person to call, they can ensure that they’re talking to someone with answers.

3. Locate Your Office Where it Makes Sense

While you might service the east coast in a major way, you might have the most access to experts in your field on the west coast. When something like this occurs, you need to locate your business where it makes sense for you. Locating your office on the east coast could mean higher overall costs and could make it more challenging to start your business.

With SIP trunking services, you can assure your customers that you’re aiming to serve them with local individualized numbers. You can even assign people to service particular regions and give them numbers that correspond to those regions. The location of your office doesn’t have to matter.

What really matters is the perception of where your office is located. If people perceive that your office is located inside of their service region, they’re more apt to trust that you care about their region. While every customer wants to work with a business that has the resources of a global superpower, they want to feel like they’re talking to a local business over the phone.

4. Have a Virtual Contact Center

One of the fastest growing customer service solutions across the country is the virtual contact center. When you’re creating a business modeled on your locality, you don’t want to outsource calls to a call center far away.

Most consumers are well versed in the story of calling customer service and talking to someone who is 1,000 miles away and speaks their language secondarily. While this doesn’t always get in the way, it can be the cause of some miscommunication.

Customers will be reassured, no matter where your call center is located, if they call or they get a call from a local number. You can use this remote virtual contact center as a way to help balance out your workload. Customers won’t even know that their calls are being routed behind the scenes.

5. Be Available When Competitors Aren’t

One of the biggest benefits to SIP trunking is that you get to be around when your competitors aren’t around. Sending an email to someone and having it going ignored is stressful. When you call someone and it goes to voicemail, it’s hard to have faith that you’ll ever get a response.

When you have a SIP service, you get to manage that frustration. You can communicate at any time of day. Individuals and businesses get the chance to communicate when someone is unavailable.

This is a huge benefit to companies of all shapes and sizes.

SIP Trunking Services Are a Powerful Tool

When you choose SIP trunking services you get the opportunity to expand the range of services you provide. You also get to update your system to something that works with 21st-century devices and customer service practices. By having a system that can remain flexible with how you provide services to your clients, you set yourself up to excel far beyond competitors.

If you want to see whether or not your office is SIP ready, check out our guide for tips.

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