SIP trunking is popular and likely to become more popular as time goes by. That means that many companies are out there offering quality trunking services for businesses like yours. This can make it confusing when it comes time to choose the best SIP trunk provider for your needs. While many companies are committed to high quality, that isn’t true of all of them. To make the process of choosing one easier, we have a few tips for you to use.

The Network is Number One

It’s important to take a serious look at the network because it is going to have a huge impact on the reliability or your system, and the quality of your card. The carrier network that the SIP trunk provider uses will make or break your business communications. The networks used are classified into tiers, and the best SIP trunk providers are going to utilize a Tier 1, which is the best of the best. If you want to protect your communications to the fullest, don’t go for anything less than Tier 1 networks.

Flexibility Matters

Now that you’re looking at providers with Tier 1 networks, there are other things to consider. Flexibility is something that should also be prioritized. The top companies are going to have contracts that are short term, and will also allow you to adjust the number of channels you use as often as you would like. This means you pay for only what you are using and can grow whenever that is required. This is also one of the perks of a SIP service over traditional phone lines.

Check Out the Pricing

While there are multiple options for the way a vendor sells SIP service, you can expect an initial fee for set-up and add-ons. What you want to see is a vendor who is transparent and willing to communicate about all fees you may see. Many trunks are sold as unlimited. That means you pay a fee for each channel a month, regardless of the calls you make and receive. This is a great way to cut your costs, but remember that price should be considered only in conjunction with a fantastic network.

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