Becoming a SIP service reseller is a move that is packed with possibility. In order to fully realize the potential, it will help to get a grasp of what you are offering: a new way to make sure that everything communicated under the umbrella of business is simplified and done for less money. That is what you are offering. The numbers start to get exciting pretty quickly once you start doing some fairly simple calculations. First, let’s focus on why your product is such a good source of profits.

The Ultimate Communication Solution

Every business struggles with communication—at least to one degree or another. Communication is either insufficient or inefficient in at least one way in every business. As a SIP reseller, you are the solution to these problems. When you walk into a meeting, this is going to be a key aspect of your identity in relation to the needs of your client. As you begin networking, you become the “SIP guy” or “SIP gal” in your business social group. Assuming and marketing this personal label positions you for future success in addition to what you will realize each time you close a new client.

Residual Money

You may choose to charge an upfront fee as a SIP service reseller. This is a source of income, for sure. But the real money is in residual income that you get paid each month as a SIP service reseller. Even if you’re only charging $75 a month to a relatively small business, that amount replicated times 100, 200, etc. starts to add up quickly. If you are able to establish a commission-based reseller program, you can have people out there selling it for you, doing the leg work while you collect the revenue.

Scalability to Earn More and More

Once you develop a sales model that is effective in a certain business sector or geographical region, that can be replicated in a different sector or area. This adds to your revenue, obviously, but it does so in a way that is even more efficient than the efforts needed to acquire the initial revenue stream. Replication is much easier than creation.

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Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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