The best way to go into offering SIP trunking services is to get familiar with your product, and then use that to create solutions for your potential clients. There are some basic elements of SIP trunking services that you will want to have under your belt before diving in. Here are some of them.

You Don’t Have to Charge an Upfront Cost

Getting money down when selling a service is a great feeling. It feels like a deal has been officially closed. However, to many clients, this is scary. You do not have to charge an upfront cost. Remember that your objective is to cover your costs and to generate a profit. That can be easily done even if you do not charge anything upfront.

Bandwidth Agnosticism

Although the term “agnostic” sounds like an awkward reference to religion—or lack thereof—the term is surprisingly on point. When you commit to an Internet service provider (ISP), it is much like committing to a religion. You have to “serve” them by providing payments each month, and if you fail to fall in line with this requirement, you will be quickly condemned and excommunicated from the service. If possible, you will want to offer your clients the ability to utilize SIP trunking without having to join the religion of an ISP.

Get Tight Security

The difference between selling most other products and selling SIP trunking services is if other products are stolen or compromised, the seller is never blamed. With SIP trunking, rightly or wrongly, the seller will be in line for the oncoming bus—so he or she can be summarily tossed underneath it. To prevent or minimize this, it is essential to make sure security measures are firmly in place. Also, when engaging in the reselling process, make sure your client knows the security protocols available as well as the potential risks. This will help shield you from frustrating litigation and the blame game if something goes wrong in the future.

When it comes to SIP trunking, these are a good starting point to get you going as either a reseller or a customer. The next step is to reach out to a company like SIP Trunk. They have platform options that are ready to go. You can learn more about the various options, how they can work for you, and, most importantly, for potential customers by reaching out to them at

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

SIPTRUNK is the ideal SIP trunking provider for agents, dealers, VARs, manufacturers, distributors, master agents, and IT consultants looking to build a monthly recurring revenue stream selling SIP trunks.