sip trunking providers

What Customers Consider When Looking for the Right SIP Trunking Providers

sip trunking providers

So, you’ve been lumped with the responsibility of choosing a new SIP trunking provider. And let’s be honest, it’s not the most simple task.  

With all that trunking jargon, how do you go about choosing the best provider for your business? It may all sound like gibberish, after all. 

The reality is that with the right SIP trunking provider, your business has the chance to really grow in the right direction. 

With this in mind, here’s what you really need to look for when choosing between SIP trunking providers. 

SIP Trunking Providers: What Customers Should Look For  

In today’s technological age, the market is saturated with SIP service providers. So how do you weed out the reputable from the not-so-reputable? 

Well, it boils down to 6 key factors- here’s what you, as a customer, should consider when choosing a SIP service. 

1. Basic, Lay-Man’s Terms 

No matter how in-depth your understanding of SIP trunking, a telecommunications provider should always speak in plain English. 

It’s no secret that the telecommunications industry is packed with confusing acronyms and technical jargon. This is enough to confuse and conflict even the most experienced business people. 

To add to this, technical jargon is also a ruse behind which many faulty companies can hide behind.

So make sure you select a provider who is happy to explain their services in an open, honest, and clear manner.

2. Beware of the Hard Sell 

When a SIP provider goes a little too hard on their sell this should be an immediate red flag. 

Beware of a company who fails to listen to the actual needs of your business before rattling off a list of services not relevant to you. 

Look for an open line of communication, where you’re able to fully detail your business needs, challenges, and objectives.  

A reputable SIP provider will take to the time to listen to your concerns, answer them openly and remove all your business doubts. 

3. Look For Complete PBX Compatibility

It’s all good and well finding a SIP provider that you trust, but if your existing PBX is not compatible with their trunking, this is a problem! 

Any SIP provider worth their salt will perform regular compatibility testing and inform you whether your hardware is compatible or not. 

All hope is not lost though! If your current PBX is not compatible, you can always check with your PBX manufacturer for a possible SIP gateway. 

Essentially, this a way of upgrading your PBX to make it SIP friendly for a preferred service provider. 

Beware of a SIP provider who tries to sell you the idea of unnecessary hardware upgrades. All-too-often there are most cost-effective alternatives.

4. Saving on Costs Isn’t Everything 

It’s important to keep in mind that a SIP trunking service is a strategic solution to many common business problems. It shouldn’t really be viewed as a cost-saving exercise.

SIP trunking offers solutions to common issues such as customer service, sales, business scalability, and more. 

Therefore a service provider who tries to hard sell the idea of saving cash and cutting costs is totally missing the point. This also means they are behind-the-times in their attitude towards SIP. 

Costs aside, a SIP provider should punt the following benefits: 

  • A fast and effective way to upscale your business by adding additional trunks
  • SIP trunking is a resilient service when it comes to disaster recovery plans
  • SIP trunking can help your business embrace unified communications 
  • It allows your business to maintain a local presence, even if calls are handled elsewhere 
  • It allows your business the full advantage of multiple DDIs, depending on your sales and marketing strategies

Ultimately, you should look for a provider who can sell you on the benefits rather than the costs!  

5. Evaluate Your Connection

The strength of your existing broadband connection could also determine the SIP provider you choose to go with. Choosing a certain provider may mean having to upgrade your connection. 

This is something that should be openly discussed and clearly explained by a trunking provider before you sign up with them. 

At the end of the day, you’ll need to decide whether the cost of upgrading your connection is worth signing up with a certain SIP provider. 

Make sure that your SIP trunks can be delivered over dedicated voice connections, assured broadband or a leased line. Whichever is best suited to your business! 

6. Look For an End-to-End Service 

If your business needs to migrate from an ISDN service to SIP, the good news is it’s not complicated. However, it’s important that this is handled by a company that understands the planning and timing involved. 

Ideally, you should look for a SIP provider that offers a full-scale, end-to-end service.

This means that you will have a telecommunications partner who is with you from the point of initiation, installation, and management thereafter. 

Essentially, your SIP partner should work with you throughout the following stages: 

  • Help you to define your business requirements
  • Help you to understand where your business could improve 
  • Compile a testing plan to ensure you will work well together 
  • Oversee all installation, configuration, number posting, and DDI ranges
  • Oversee all installation hiccups and arrange a fool-proof back-up plan for all mishaps 
  • Offer a dedicated account management team and telecommunications engineer to manage all queries and issues

At the end of the day, a reputable SIP provider should be there to support your business in every way possible. 

Yes, professional installation is vital, but ongoing support of the scalability of your business is the overall goal! 

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